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The Science-Proven Benefits You Get When You Share Your Time and Resources With Others

These are the four keys to adopting a mindset of abundance.

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There is a correlation between thinking positively and abundantly, and the understanding that there is enough for everyone. This breeds confidence and self-esteem. However, we fall into crisis when our mind thinks from a place of lack. This desolation of positive energy stems from negative thoughts that are driven by fear.

Some people have everything that life could offer and are highly successful, but still feel poor. This poverty of spirit is a scarcity mentality, driven by the need to get more at any cost, thinking that someone else's loss is their gain. Living abundance is a combination of different factors working together and interdependently. Your abundance is defined by your health, mentality, environment, and your life mission. Understanding these key pointers is your ticket to living abundance.

1. Health

Embrace holistic health, because everything within you works in tandem, and neglecting your physical health will result in poor outcomes. Learning to balance your mental and physical needs leads to harmony, positivism, and the extraordinary life that you deserve. Proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and meditation are key in promoting good health. Daily exercise is paramount in promoting good health, but also releases hormones proteins that feed and provide growth for your brain. Mood swings, irritability, and fatigue are often a result of poor nutrition. Proper rest fosters both mental and physical resilience. The benefits of meditation are downplayed, and spending just a few minutes a day meditating will improve your focus and concentration.

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2. Mentality

According to Tony Robbins, a famous author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist, to get a handle on how to improve your mental health, you need to embrace the fact that your state of mind is within your control.

You have the power to control every thought and emotion that enters you. Create a conscious, constant awareness of what you think and feel. Your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all intertwined and all affect and influence each other. Ask yourself whether these stem from positivism and enlightenment, or if they come from a place of fear and destruction. Your beliefs form the foundation of who you are. Recognize the power of your thoughts, and identify the emotions attached to your giving and receiving.

Does it feel right to give or receive? Do you feel deserving? Or does it make you feel regret, guilt, or fear? Give and receive only when it feels right so that it multiplies because you have to feel good to receive and to give. Like attracts like, and your positive belief will encourage positive results. Associate with like-minded thinkers.

3. Environment

Your environment is everything that surrounds or occupies you. This is not limited to your home or office space but is as far-reaching as the people you surround yourself with and the digital content that you consume. Self-introspection is key in determining how your environment affects you and what may be toxic to you. Your home, car, and office should be places of peace, be clean and have plenty of light and ventilation. Reduce chaos by removing clutter and organizing your environment. Use scents that energize you while promoting serenity. Take care of your appearance, and keep yourself neat and well presented. It is true that when you look good, you feel good.

4. Mission

Without a mission or vision of what we hope to accomplish, we find ourselves aimlessly trying to catch the wind with both hands. What we forget is that every decision, every thought comes from within. It's a mindset that stems from our innermost being, influenced by both external and internal factors. And while you may not be able to control what goes on the outside, the key is understanding how to maximize the things you can control within.

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Your mission imprints your deepest values and aspirations on your mind. Clarify your mission by reviewing your life story. Consider ways to make positive changes. Bring your professional and personal goals into harmony by aligning them. Be proactive, work hard towards your dreams with diligence and patience. Take daily action to cement, secure, and correct your goals. Work smarter when setting goals, and don't cut corners. Share your experiences with others in a healthy, constructive, and uplifting way that adds value to others and you. Provide value in whatever you may be doing, be fair to yourself and others in your dealings. This exchange of positive energy can multiply abundance for both parties.

Be a force of change

A sustainable, long-term solution is obtainable only through conscious thought and effort. An integrative approach to living abundance is a conscious decision, and the intricacy of giving yourself the chance to be whole demands your attention. Re-evaluate your health, mentality, environment, and mission, and don't be afraid to let go of toxicity. Create holistic extrinsic and intrinsic goals that are formed by a true desire to transform your mind, body, and soul, and feast on what feeds you positively. Invest in yourself. You deserve to live abundantly. Be the change that you want to see.


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