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These Apple AirPod Pro Alternatives are a Fraction of the Price

Block out distractions with these AirPod Pro alternatives.

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With so many distractions in the world — especially when you're working from home while the kids are off from school — it's hard for many entrepreneurs to focus on the task at hand. And you need to focus to thrive, especially considering that 90 percent of new American billionaires are self made.There are a lot of great productivity tools out there to help you eliminate distractions and focus on what you need to get done, but none are quite as effective as good old fashioned headphones. 

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If you're looking for a nice new pair of earbuds that will help you block out distractions and keep your soundtrack going no matter where your day takes you, consider the AirBlast Pro Wireless Earbuds.

These earbuds mimic Apple's elite AirPod Pro model and deliver similar features at a fraction of the price. With HDR sound and advanced Bluetooth 5.1, you'll stay connected with a smooth stream from your phone no matter what you're listening to. They support wireless connectivity within 50 feet, an upgrade from previous Bluetooth editions. Plus, with an independent pairing option, you can use each earbud as an individual or enjoy a more seamless listening experience by connecting both.

On just an hour of charging time, you can enjoy up to three hours of playtime, and when you pop them in the included charging case, that number goes up to eight hours. The AirBlast Pros are also waterproof and durable to withstand water, sweat, or rain. Whether you're caught in a rain storm, working out at the gym, or going on the trail for a few days, these earbuds are up to the challenge. They're made to make your life easier.

Get a great pair of AirPods Pro alternatives for a fraction of the list price. Normally $199, the AirBlast Pro Wireless Earbuds are on sale for a limited time at 80 percent off — just $39.99.

Prices subject to change. 

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