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How Success Happened for Stacy Madison

The founder of Stacy's Pita Chips, Stacy's Juicebar and BeBOLD Bars talks about her entrepreneurship journey.

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As the founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips, Stacy’s Juicebar and BeBOLD bars, Stacy Madison seems to have a key talent leading with taste in the health food industry.

Stacy Madison

I had the pleasure of learning about Madison's entrepreneurial journey, beginning with the invention of her first product.

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Changing the way people snacked during the low-carb phase was no easy task for a pita chip manufacturer. But whether it was the pita chips, her juicebar or her new company, BeBOLD bars, she’s a passionate believer in following happiness. By doing so, work becomes something that you love. 

But how exactly did she grow Stacy’s Pita Chips into a national snack brand?

With determination and a pile of debt, she decided to leave her career as a social worker and take a leap of faith and buy a food cart. Called Stacy’s D’lights in Boston, the cart served healthy sandwiches rolled on pita bread. Every day she and her partner stocked a heavy inventory of fresh pita bread to make roll-up sandwiches. The bread was then baked into chips at the end of each day to hand out for free in line. The demand for the chips became so large that they decided to offer the chips to a much bigger market.

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After leasing space in a brewery complex, Madison eventually purchased a Sealy Mattress factory in Randolph, Mass. and produced 1.6 million lbs. of bread every day. From there, the bread was baked into chips. Madison ended up leading the brand to becoming one of the best-selling natural snack food brands in the nation. But the journey didn't end there.

In 2006, Madison sold the pita chip company to PepsiCo and decided to travel around Southeast Asia with her best friend and twin girls for five months. Upon returning from her travels, she took that same passion for healthy food and started Stacy’s Juicebar in Needham, Mass. There she sold juices, smoothies, acai bowls, salads, sandwiches and energy bars.

Just like the pita chips, the energy bars quickly became a customer favorite. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Madison had to close the juice bar. But she's since taken her passion for healthy snacking and turned her focus back to the natural food industry, launching BeBOLD energy bars with her brother David Lowe.

Madison's story is an inspiration story for all entrepreneurs. With enough belief in yourself, your product and your passion, any entrepreneur can be successful.

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