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The 6 Things I Stopped Doing This Year

And how I'm already seeing the difference.

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A third of 2017 is already, but how much closer are you to achieving your annual goals? What have you done so far? More importantly, what have you not done?

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I've stopped doing six things so far this year, and they've already made a major difference in my life.

1. I stopped reading every word of a book

This is huge for me.

Before, I read every word of a book. It was all about FOMO (fear of missing out.) But, after listening to Tail Lopez's talk about how to read a book a day, he proved to me that I was wrong.

For an author to sell a 300-page book, he needs to add some fluff that isn't very important to you or some chapters that probably aren't relevant to you.

That is why you need to be smart when reading and stop obsessing over every word of a book. Skim the contents at first. Read specific chapters -- or parts of a chapter -- and leave the rest.

The end goal? Get the most golden nuggets you can in less time, and read more books to get more golden nuggets.

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2. I stopped scheduling every single minute of the day

In past years, I scheduled my calendar right down to the minute. But, it's impossible to predict everything that's going to happen.

That's why I stopped scheduling every minute of my day.

Now, I plan out what I want to achieve in my week and in each given day, but leave myself flexible to change those plans when things go wrong.

3. I stopped avoiding exercise

Last semester of college was a disaster for me. It demanded a lot from me as I tried to balance my studies with my business. So, it was only normal to feel more last semester than in the previous four semesters.

This semester, I've been exercising every day and I feel much more energized.

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4. I stopped doing low-value stuff

Even though my time is limited, I still waste it doing stuff that doesn't matter, like tweaking designs.

But since the beginning the year, and after the huge burnout I felt last semester, I decided to focus only on stuff that matters and delegate the rest.

When I see a repetitive task that doesn't bring me the highest value for my time, I delegate it and focus on what matters.

After all, I have a lot to focus on to build my business and study dentistry.

5. I stopped ignoring Jeff Olson's concept of "The Slight Edge"

One of the best books I have read so far is The Slight Edge.

The term "slight edge" means focusing on simple actions, even ones that only take a short amount of time. By focusing on these actions consistently, you will achieve the results you want over time.

So, instead of trying to read a book a month, I read 10 pages a day no matter what. Over time, I will achieve more by doing that.

Even walking for just 30 minutes every day for 365 days a year will improve your mood.

Don't just do big actions one day a week. Keep progressing toward your goal as you go.

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6. I stopped thinking negatively

The mind is capable of achieving anything that it thinks it can, and if you think you can't, then you won't do it.

So stop thinking negatively, because it actually limits what you're capable of.

You can achieve your goal -- especially if you cut out the things in your life that don't matter.

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