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9 Gifts to Give the Dog-Loving Entrepreneurs In Your Life

For those who have no idea what to give someone, think about their dog.

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It is that time of year again: gift-giving season!

For those who have no idea what to give someone, think about their dog. People adore their pups and if you can give something their four-legged friend will enjoy (or help make an owner’s life easier), you have hands down won the gift-giving game.

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To help you find the perfect gift, we scoured the web and picked our favorites – everything from the best treats to the most comprehensive DNA kit on the market to beautiful accessories dogs will love. (See how you can win all the gifts.)

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Dane & Dale

Dane & Dale Town Leather Lead

Leashes are one of the few dog accessories that provide some form of expression. Leather, nylon, embroidered, rope, bright colors, natural looks -- the looks run the gamut. One that really stood out to us was from newcomer Dane & Dale, a luxury dog startup based out of Dallas.

Its Town Leather Lead has mustard and khaki contrasting leather, making it look classy. The leashes are made of high-quality leather handsewn in the U.S., accessorized with gold-plated hardware. The 4-feet leads can stand up to the most active dogs, making them a gift that will last a long time.

Price: $135


Embark’s DNA kit

The number of mutts being saved from shelters are on the rise (woohoo!). And with that, people may be curious what breeds are in their new four-legged friend. Is she a terrier, a retriever, a shepherd?

So, why not give dog-loving entrepreneurs the gift of knowledge. There are a number of great DNA kits out there, but we really are digging Embark. Pretty new to the scene (launched in 2016), the company claims it is the most comprehensive on the market. With more than 200,000 genetic markers (vs. Wisdom Panel’s 1,800 ), the kit is great in identifying breeds.

Also, by looking at these markers, Embark DNA can determine personality traits, provide insight into more than 100 medical conditions and examine heritable traits (which are great for purebreds, too).

Plus, by having a dog get her DNA tested, an owner is taking part in noble causes. For one, Embark DNA is being used to help chart out the history and evolution of dogs. Also, the founders are hoping dog genetic data will play a role in advancing research in human health and conditions. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Price: $199

Grounds & Hounds

Grounds & Hounds coffee set

Most entrepreneurs can’t start their morning without a cup of coffee. The caffeine boost helps jumpstart their day, gets them on the right foot and focuses their mind. And now, the daily cup of joe can help dogs in need.

Grounds & Hounds is a coffee company started by a dog lover – and looks to help homeless animals. The company donates 20 percent of all proceeds to various rescue partners.

We are loving the Rescue Parent Gift Set. It has four different fair trade, organic coffee blends, along with a travel mug, tote bag and cap.

Give this gift to a entrepreneur dog lover knowing you are providing a bigger gift.

Price: $80

West Elm

West Elm’s ceramic dog planter

For the pup-loving entrepreneurs whose love for dogs goes beyond their own four-legged friend, West Elm has something for them.

With its white face and black spot, the ceramic dog planter adds a little bit of fun to any room – and is a great conversation piece. It would be a great gift for the green thumbs in your life, entrepreneurs who want to liven up their office space or are just looking for a playful way to showcase their plants.

Price: $19

Chronicle Books

William Wegman’s 'Being Human' book

One of the best – and easiest – gifts you can give someone is a coffee table book. It acts as a piece of art, a conversation starter and a glimpse into a particular culture. And this year, the most famous dog photographer on the planet, William Wegman, released a beautiful book featuring his famous weimaraners throughout the years.

Being Human is a curation of his iconic images over the years, including photos of his first muse, his dog named Man Ray. The dogs throughout the book, portrayed in human situations, are meant to be humorous, while also quirky. In all, dog-loving entrepreneurs can enjoy 300 images. (Want to up the ante? See how you can get an autographed copy.)

Price: $17

Zookies Cookies

Zookies Cookies Pupkin Pie treats

For the pooch-loving entrepreneurs in your world who like to bake, this gift of treats in a jar takes on a whole new meaning.

With Zookies Cookies, the jars don’t come with biscuits inside, but rather ingredients to make your own homemade treats for your pup. So, you know exactly what you are getting in your treats (no more guessing what those long words mean on the ingredient list). Made with “people ingredients" like peanut butter, pumpkin and coconut, the treats are simple, yet tasty. Each jar creates 4 dozen treats, takes under 60 minutes to make and comes with a treat cookie cutter.

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For the holiday season, we love the Pupkin Pie jar, which consists of pumpkin, sweet potato flour, peanut butter, apples and whole grain oats. After you hear about the owner’s dog gobbling up the treats, you know you made the right gift choice.

Price: $17.99

This Dog’s Life

This Dog’s Life dental kit

Owners may not know it, but dental disease is the no. 1 health issue with pups – and it can go way beyond the mouth. Dental disease can impact the heart, liver and kidneys. One reason it is so prevalent is owners think it is a hassle to brush their dog’s teeth.

This Dog’s Life is giving dog owners a helping hand with a natural, affordable solution dogs will absolutely love.

The dental kit includes a powder to sprinkle on dog’s food to help fight plaque, freshen breath and support healthy gums, along with dual-action dental sticks that maintain clean teeth and help control formation of tartar. The products are vet formulated and recommended.  And the best part is it is easy to use -- and there is no stress, mess or hassle

The kit will deliver in February but order now for a special price.

Price: $39.99

The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog squeaker toy

There are so many dog toys in the world – but there are so few cute ones. We are loving the San Francisco-based brand The Foggy Dog. You simply can’t go wrong giving one of these toys to the dog-loving entrepreneurs in your life.

This toy is designed from fabric created by the famous international lifestyle brand Rifle Paper Co. One side showcases a whimsical floral scene and the other is lilac canvas. The toy is stuffed with fiberfill made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, along with a heavy-duty squeaker.

While we dig this pattern, Foggy Dog has an array of others designs, including houndtooth and stripes.

Perfect gift this holiday season -- or any occasion.

Price: $14

World of Angus

World of Angus water-resistant dog blanket

For anyone that has a dog, you know they are messy. It seems like you are always picking up fur, constantly lint rolling your furniture and clothes and for some, having areas that are off limits. All this hassle, makes us love World of Angus’ fleece dog blanket even more. Not only does it provide a cozy option for pups to burrow in or sit on, but it also protects coaches, sofas, chairs, floors, you name it. The blankets are water repellent, anti-microbial and stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria (so it won’t have that “dog smell”).

It’s the gift any dog lover would absolute love -- and need!

Price: $89