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Struggling to Come Up With an Idea That Will Outshine Your Competition's? Use These 5 Simple Strategies.

Many entrepreneurs have found themselves in a rut, believing the most innovative thinkers have already cornered the market. But there's always a way to shake things up.

Max Azarov

The Most Important First Step When Starting a Business

While there are many things to consider and tasks to do when starting a business, this first step alone may decide whether your new venture is successful.

Jeffrey Shaw

Children and young gamers in China rent adult accounts to play video games due to new restrictions

Renting your video game account to a young gamer seems like a lucrative and harmless business, but those who bypass the new restrictions imposed in China already have legal problems.

4 ideas to earn extra money without leaving your job

Did the pandemic reduce your income and force you to think of new strategies? We share four ideas that require little time to generate income.

Susana Acosta

Don't Be the Smartest Guy in the Room

Overhaul your management style and approach to avoid making the same mistakes.

George Deeb

99 Percent of Fortune 500 Employees Who Use This Product Hate It. This Entrepreneur Built a Million-Dollar Business Out of That Hatred.

Entrepreneurism is all about problem-solving, and finding a common issue can be a great starting place for your business idea.

Liz Brody

What is a 'dark kitchen' and why it is said that they revolutionized the gastronomic industry

The shift from operations to home delivery service further consolidated the concept of 'dark kitchens'. Find out why.

10 ideas to win with a tourism business

The world of travel is full of possibilities to undertake, whether with a franchise, distribution, license or the development of your own concept. Here we present 10 alternatives.

Ever Wished You Had a Second Brain? Meet the Zettelkasten.

The Zettelkasten is a knowledge-management system that has recently gotten a lot of attention. Creatives, entrepreneurs and growth hackers have adopted the Zettelkasten, and apps are emerging to meet this need.

18 Stress-Free Side Hustles For Introverts

Here's a list of the best side hustles for introverts who want to make money at home.

Jay Feldman, DO