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Ethereum Is On The Verge Of Another New All-Time High

In the ebb and flow of the Ethereum market, it looks like the tide is rising once again. Prices for Ether, the native token of the Ethereum platform are up...


Explore el mundo moderno de las criptomonedas

Comience con lo básico, luego aprenda a construir sus propios proyectos como desarrollador de blockchain de Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Explore the Modern World of Cryptocurrency

Start with the basics, then learn how to build your own projects as an Ethereum blockchain developer.

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Next-Generation Layer-One Blockchain Protocols Remove the Financial Barriers to DeFi and NFTs

Layer-one smart-contract platforms offer a practical alternative to the high fees and slow transaction-confirmation times of Ethereum, making blockchain technology and DeFi accessible to all.


Los protocolos de cadena de bloques de capa uno de próxima generación eliminan las barreras financieras para DeFi y NFT

Las plataformas de contratos inteligentes de capa uno ofrecen una alternativa práctica a las altas tarifas y los lentos tiempos de confirmación de transacciones de Ethereum, lo que hace que la tecnología blockchain y DeFi sean accesibles para todos.

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How DeFi Can Help the Global Economy Recover

In the wake of the pandemic, DeFi can play an important role in the economic recovery of this world.


Cómo DeFi puede ayudar a que la economía global se recupere

Tras la pandemia, DeFi puede desempeñar un papel importante en la recuperación económica de este mundo.


Inside Ethereum's Internet Of Blockchains

Polygon is creating a multi-chain environment on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which can be used by decentralised applications or Dapps

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Why Energy Concerns Around Blockchain May Be a Misconception

For those concerned about blockchain's energy consumption, it's important to consider the difference between proof-of-stake and proof-of-work blockchains.


Por qué las preocupaciones energéticas en torno a Blockchain pueden ser un concepto erróneo

Para aquellos preocupados por el consumo de energía de blockchain, es importante considerar la diferencia entre blockchains de prueba de participación y prueba de trabajo.

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How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Can Revolutionize Businesses

A brief overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency's various benefits and applications and how they can transform businesses.


Cómo Blockchain y las criptomonedas pueden revolucionar las empresas

Una breve descripción general de los diversos beneficios y aplicaciones de blockchain y criptomonedas y cómo pueden transformar las empresas.


Want to Buy a Franchise, But Don't Have the Cash? This Company Wants You to Buy In With Crypto.

Florida-based moving franchise College Hunks is hoping to cash in on alternative payment methods.

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Gold is Dead? Should You Opt for Gold (Over Crypto) in Your Portfolio?

Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a blockchain, a distributed ledger that cannot fail. Government doesn't control bitcoin (unlike banks) and that's...

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Can Anything Be an NFT? Here's What You Need to Know.

A tweet, a song and an art piece walk into the blockchain and ask for some mints.