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Why Entrepreneurs Can't Afford to Ignore DeFi

Skeptic innovators are missing out on DeFi's amazing opportunities.

Ariel Shapira

Ethereum Co-Founder Predicts Dogecoin 'Bubble' Will Burst Anytime, Blames Elon Musk

Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson says Dogecoin is a worthless 'bubble' fueled by Elon Musk's whim.

Venmo Built Crypto Trading Into Its Payments App

It's the latest payments company to offer crypto trading following parent PayPal and rival Cash App.

S. Shah

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Ethereum's Disruptive Potential

Learn more about smart contracts, NFTs, and DeFi to help your business prepare for an interesting future.

Crypto Market Value Exceeds $2 Trillion for First Time

The cryptocurrency market's high value is largely attributed to two popular digital currencies.

Justin Chan

The New York Times Auctioned an Article as an NFT for More Than $500,000

The buyer, whose nickname is @ 3FMusic, paid 350 Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Did a Tweet From Elon Musk Cause the Bitcoin Crash? This Is What We Know

The price of the cryptocurrency fell almost 10% after the Tesla mogul hinted on Twitter that Bitcoin is overvalued.

'Prepare to Lose All Your Money', Warn Crypto Investors

British analysts noted that digital currencies are high-risk speculative investments and could be a market bubble.

A Crypto Conversation with Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath

This CEO shares his journey from hockey player to blockchain entrepreneur.

David Meltzer

5 Types of Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Cryptocurrencies are both investment opportunities and new financial instruments of increasing importance to investors and business owners.

Scott McGovern

More Than Just Bitcoin: Blockchain Has Value Across Multiple Industries

Beyond cryptocurrency, the new ledger technology offers huge benefits for health care, crowdfunding and the cloud.

Max Lyadvinsky