Women Entrepreneurs

How This Entrepreneur Is Helping Keep Car Seats Bacteria-Free

The founder and CEO of BuckleBath shares how she created a service to help parents, caregivers and daycare centers solve a messy problem.

Jessica Abo

· 6 min read

Avoiding Gender Disparity in Remote Work

While some people thrive working from home, it's taking a mental toll on mothers. Could a return to in-person work be the answer?

Stav Vaisman

· 4 min read

How This Founder Turned a Hobby Into a Multi-Million Dollar Sale

The founder of Schmidt's Naturals has advice on maintaining success during the pandemic and beyond.

Susan Ferry Price

· 8 min read

Is the Future of Business Going to Be as Diverse as We Think?

Veteran diversity consultant Dee C. Marshall has worked with everyone from members of Congress to tech-policy makers to make sure the answer is "yes," and she tells us whether we're getting close.

Kenny Herzog

· 7 min read

Starting your own business is not how you think it will be: this is what will really happen

Are you about to start this journey or are you determined to do it soon? These three fundamental aspects will help you face your own entrepreneurial path more easily.

Paola Quintal

· 5 min read

This Theoretical Physicist Boldly Goes Where Few Black Women Have Gone Before

In her new book, Harvard-educated Professor Chanda Prescod-Weinstein shares her vision of the cosmos and breaks down the sexism and racism inherent in science.

S.C. Stuart

· 10 min read

Managing Start-Up Business Blues

Entrepreneurship doesn't come easily. How will you channel the frustration of building your business in order to achieve optimal success?

Tamieka Lee

· 5 min read

How to Turn Your Passion into Action and Expand Your Brand

The founder of The Finest Hour PR Firm explains why you need to plan, promote, and propel in order to boost your activism, philanthropy, and business.

Jessica Abo

· 9 min read

9 Questions About Female Entrepreneurship and Their Answers

Ana Victoria García solves the questions you always wanted to ask her to achieve success.


· 6 min read

Millennials Can't Get Enough of This Tableware Brand

Kathryn Duryea didn't want Ikea dishes, and she didn't want fancy china. And she bet other people her age felt the same.

Stephanie Schomer

· 4 min read

May Your Achievements Live Up to Your Dreams

The last year has been particularly challenging, but also rewarding for many women, who, amid high levels of stress and work, have learned to make the best of every situation.

Marisol García Fuentes

· 2 min read

Gain Visibility, Boost Your Career and Get Better Job Opportunities

The Visibility by Women Index's path to personal marketing and negotiation success and leadership tools.

Marisol García Fuentes

· 3 min read