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The Goal Standard Challenge: This Week, Harness Your Energy and Create Momentum

You've got big energy this week. Use those powers for good.

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The Goal Standard Challenge began last week, but today is where the work begins. We couldn't be more excited to have you part of this very special program. The five-week program is designed to help you achieve your goals and make 2017 yours.

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Last week, we focused on preparation  – helping you craft a goal – and now we are getting ready to help you achieve it.

During this stage, what researchers call the "Honeymoon Stage," you’re understandably excited. You’ve got big energy and anything seems possible. We’re here to show you how to harness that energy to create positive habits and real momentum to help you through the rest of the challenge. We’ve got a number of ways to help you do just that, all outlined in the schedule below.

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What to expect this week

Every day:

Daily articles, Worksheets and Checklists

To inspire, motivate and energize you, we will share daily articles on our hub for The Goal Standard Challenge. There you’ll also find worksheets (ones designed and road-tested by our panel of experts) that you can customize for your plans and your needs.

Real-time support

Have you joined our  Facebook Group yet? You should. It’s the best way to meet people like you -- as well as chat with experts and our Entrepreneur editors -- to get the encouragement you need.  Join here.

Monday, January 30

Tackling Uncertainty, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET

High-performance coach Todd Herman will discuss the two most common experiences when starting out: excitement and uncertainty. Having worked with major athletes, executives and entrepreneurs, Todd will show you how to tackle the hard things by providing action items, tasks and events to help take the first big leap towards completing your goals.

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Tuesday, January 31

Master Your Time, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET

Chris Winfield is an expert in helping entrepreneurs maximize their time and accomplishments. He’ll help you master your mornings, while also sharing a technique to help you prioritize the tasks in your day, take action and give you a strong sense of accomplishment (and relief) immediately.

Wednesday, February 1

Be Accountable to You, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET

Accountability expert Ali Schiller will keep us on track, discussing what accountability is and isn't, creating momentum in the Honeymoon Stage and finding a power-packed accountability buddy to help you achieve your goals.

Facebook Mini Challenge

The staff at Entrepreneur will be providing a mini-challenge during the middle of the week to get you motivated. We will be asking people to share their favorite book, song or podcast to help everyone get inspired. Keep an eye on our Facebook Group to learn more.

Friday, February 3

Visualize and Reflect, Facebook Live Event, 1 p.m. ET

Certified meditation teacher Natalie MacNeil has run several multi-million dollar companies and says visualization is key to success. She’ll guide you through her visualization process so you can stay focused on what you want most. She’ll also help you reflect on this week -- both what went right and what went wrong.  

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About The Goal Standard Challenge:

The editors at Entrepreneur have reached out to numerous experts and dug through pages of research to design this comprehensive five-week program. With this preparation, you’ll understand the science of goal-setting and habit making, and be better prepared to achieve any goal. It’s just five weeks -- but it can better prepare you for anything that might come your way.

Andrea Huspeni

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Andrea Huspeni is the former special projects director at Entrepreneur.com and the founder of This Dog's Life.