10 Things Samsung's New Galaxy Phones Can Do That the iPhone Can't

Rather than cramming tons of new features into the phones, Samsung improved on a few core elements including design, build quality, and the fingerprint sensor.

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By Lisa Eadicicco

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

Samsung took a totally different approach with its new Galaxy S6 phones.

Rather than cramming tons of new features into the phones, the company improved on a few core elements including design, build quality, and the fingerprint sensor. 

Samsung may not have added as many new features to its latest Galaxy phones as it has with previous devices, but the S6 and S6 Edge can still do quite a few things the iPhone can't.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

1. You can use the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to make payments at any store with a credit-card reader using Samsung Pay.

Apple Pay, which is compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, works only at terminals with near-field communication enabled.

A customer making a purchase with a MasterCard using Apple Pay on the iPhone 6.
Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

2. You can also charge Samsung's new phone wirelessly with a charging pad instead of plugging it in.

Business Insider

Apple's iPhones need to be plugged in to charge.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

3. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge can be charged super quickly; Samsung says 10 minutes of charging will get you four hours of use.

Dave Smith | Business Insider

The iPhone doesn't have fast-charging technology built in.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

4. With the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can assign a specific color to any contact. Your phone will light up as that color when the contact calls.

Business Insider

No such feature exists on the iPhone.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

5. You can launch the camera on the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge by double-tapping the home button.

On the iPhone, you need to either launch the camera app or press the camera icon on the lock screen.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

6. The camera on the Galaxy S6 also tracks a subject as it moves so it doesn't lose focus.

William Wei | Business Insider

The iPhone doesn't do this, though Apple has added some new features to iOS 8 that make it easier to edit photos quickly.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

7. Both new Samsung phones come with a Smart Manager app that lets you clean up your phone with the press of a button.

Some third-party apps, like Checker, claim to do this for the iPhone, but it is unclear how well they actually work.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

8. Most Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, let you run more than one app at once on the home screen (Galaxy S4 shown below).

Business Insider

The iPhone lets you open only one app on the screen at a time.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

9. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge can also measure your heart rate.

Apple has added some health-related features to the iPhone over the past few years, like the step counter in the iPhone 5s. None of Apple's iPhones have a heart-rate monitor, however.

Lisa Eadicicco | Business Insider

10. With the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can still see the time even when the rest of the screen is turned off. There's no way to do this on the iPhone.

There's no way to do this on the iPhone.

Lisa Eadicicco

Lisa Eadicicco is a Tech Reporter for Business Insider.

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