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Can You Guess the Movie Based on the Old Technology In It?

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

Can you guess the classic movie by the old technology used in the film?

Some of these are harder than others, but some you'll be able to answer right away.

No matter what, all of these movies are awesome, even if the tech used in them is out of style and out of date.

How many of these will you get right?

Do you remember this movie from 1987?

It's 'Wall Street'!

The star of this film is also in 'Gravity'.


If you guessed 'The Net', you're right.

This is a giveaway.

'You've Got Mail'!

What about this old Matthew Broderick film from 1983?

It's 'War Games'!

This film was a little "weird"...

It's 1985's 'Weird Science"!

A classic from the Brat Pack...

It's 'Pretty in Pink'.

You probably aren't this film's namesake if you've gotten them all right so far...

It's 'Clueless'!

This may be a tough one.

Remember 1987's "Broadcast News"?

Caroline Moss

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Caroline Moss is a reporter at Business Insider covering technology.