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How to Find Your Perfect Investor Match With the Axial App

Use these tips to create a profile that will make investors swipe right.

Check Out the Investors You Haven't Considered Yet

Wealthy families have money to invest. Here's how to find it.

How Will and Jada Smith's Foundation Ended Up Backing a Little-Known Energy Startup

Philanthropists are emerging as a new resource for high-risk tech startups that are tackling hard issues, like climate change.

Quirky Ditches Device Manufacturing, Preps for New Investment

Its home automation spinoff, Wink, may also see additional investment in a separate round, CEO Ben Kaufman says.

Jennifer Lopez Makes a Sales Pitch to Silicon Valley

The entertainer made an unusual appearance in front of venture capitalists Wednesday to talk about taking risks, thinking big, and investing in Jennifer Lopez, the brand.

Challenges Women Face When Raising Venture Capital

If you're a woman who wants to start a business, don't let these obstacles stand between you and major sources of funding.

Carol Roth

This Entrepreneur Might Be the 'Best' in Shark Tank's History

Investor Robert Herjavec said, 'You are probably one of the, if not the best entrepreneur we've had here.'

Richard Feloni

Insider Tips On When, Where and How to Get an Investor's Attention (Infographic)

What day of the week will you be most likely to land a meeting with a VC? When should you hit 'send' on that email you have been obsessing over? Where might you have the best change to strategically happen to accidentally 'bump' into an investor?

How to Find Investors Through LinkedIn

The professional social network has become a tool for identifying and pitching investors.

Online-Grocery Delivery Service Instacart Lands $220 Million From Kleiner Perkins

The company says it will use the cash to grow into new markets and create new partnerships.


The Most Difficult Question I Ask Founders

Keep this in mind the next time you pitch an investor.

Hunter Walk