Network Marketing

Direct Sales vs. Network Marketing

Understanding the difference will help you determine which opportunity is the best fit for you.

Closing the Sale as a Network Marketer

How to get a commitment out of prospective customers

Overcoming Objections

In network marketing, a "no" isn't always a "no."

Are MLMs Too Good to Be True?

Is networking marketing really as easy and lucrative as recruiters make it sound?

How to Choose the Best Product to Sell

Ask yourself these 9 questions when you evaluate potential network marketing products to sell.

Can Network Marketing Compete With Retail?

Network marketing's product prices may seem higher, but the value is what keeps customers coming back.

How the Recession Affects Network Marketing

Should you be spending time on network marketing when the economy is in a downturn?

Just Say No

10 deals you should never say yes to

6 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Network Marketer

Gather the right facts in your business opportunity investigation by asking these crucial questions.

The Truth About Online Network Marketing

How to recognize a scam vs. a legitimate opportunity
Starting a Business

The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

Is network marketing all it's cracked up to be?

Network Marketing Bewares

Some things to watch out for.

MLMers: Employees or Independent Contractors?

Figure our your tax classification.

Keep Away From My Downline!

Prevent other network marketing companies from luring away your new recruits.

On the Level

The Internet makes MLM easier--but it won't do the work for you. Before you commit, make sure you're prepared.