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Thinking About Doing Business Internationally? Tips for Handling Multiple Currencies

Large multinational companies have entire teams dedicated to mitigating the risk that comes with doing business internationally. Here is what small-business owners can do to protect against currency fluctuations.

Small-Exporter Support Facing Uncertainty

The charter for the Export-Import Bank is set to expire at the end of May without Congressional action.

10 Hot Export Markets for Small Businesses

A look at a range of export opportunities, as well as challenges, for companies seeking growth beyond their home borders.

Gwen Moran

A Quick Resource Guide for Exporting

From avoiding corruption to navigating cultural differences, here are eight resources to help your small business go global.

Jane Porter

Three Ways to Export into New Markets

How three entrepreneurs overcame challenges when exploring global markets, and what you can learn from them.

Jane Porter

Five Tips for Getting Started in Exporting

Between connecting with foreign buyers and wading through complicated tariffs, exporting can be tough. Here's how to ease the process.

Diana Ransom

Six Ways to Ease Exporting

Simple steps to help steer your shipments through bureaucratic red tape and complex tax laws

Diana Ransom

How to Maximize Your Export Profits

Learn 3 ways to save when dealing with foreign goods.

Tom Travis

Import FAQs

These Q & As will help you learn the key steps in importing.

Ameen Khwaja

Government Export-Import Resources

If you're interested in international business, find out how these sites can help.

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