Chipotle Raises Prices in San Francisco After Minimum Wage Hike

As San Francisco becomes an even pricier place to do business, it's becoming more expensive to buy burritos.

Egg Shortage Forces Rita's to Pull Signature Custard From the Menu.

The chain is swapping in soft-serve ice cream until it is able to acquire a sufficient amount of eggs.

Starbucks Is Shutting Down the Bakery Chain It Acquired Three Years Ago

La Boulange's pastries are staying on the menu, but its 23 locations are closing up shop.

Chipotle is Testing a New, Super-Simplified, All-Natural Tortilla

The burrito chain's latest on its journey to an all-natural menu: the tortilla.

McDonald's Explores Canadian Flavors and Adds McLobster to the Menu

The treat is being sold for a limited time in select markets as part of the 'Great Canadian Taste Adventure' campaign.

How Au Bon Pain's Executive Chef Puts Her Line Cook Experience to Good Use

Hands on doesn't even begin to describe Katherine See's job.

Chipotle Is Testing a New Menu Item

The burrito chain may be getting ready to introduce a new product to its famously simple menu.

The 8 Craziest Ways McDonald's Has Tried to Boost Sales

In celebration of McDonald's 75th birthday, here are some of the chain's wackiest recent menu items and marketing tactics in the last year.

McDonald's Secret Plans to Boost Sales Include Faster Drive-Thru, Frozen Lemonade and All-Day Breakfast

The fast-food chain dished to franchisees on the details of its turnaround plan.
Olive Garden

Olive Garden Will Soon Serve Up Breadstick Sandwiches

The chain is adding chicken parm and meatball breadstick sandwiches to the menu. And yes, they come with unlimited breadsticks.

6 Things to Expect From McDonald's Secret Turnaround Plan

The company is cooking up a recipe for a financial turnaround and will reveal it on May 4.
Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut's Largest Franchisee Says Menu Revamp Hasn't Helped Sales

The pizza chain's transition to the 'Flavor of Now' hasn't been a smooth one.

McDonald's Hopes New Ads Will Have Customers Feeling the Love

The struggling fast-food titan has created a new ad campaign and revamped its menu to halt sliding sales.
Secret Menu

Red Robin Reveals First-Ever Secret Menu Item: A Hangover-Curing Hamburger

The Cure Burger – a hamburger topped in eggs, bacon and chili – will be available for one week only, starting on New Year's Day.