McDonald's Slashes Menu in Bid to Turn Around Sales

The fast-food chain is finally taking serious action to fix slumping sales, making menu cuts while focusing on fresher, higher-quality food.

What Does McDonald's Have to Do to Stop Its Downward Spiral?

McDonald's same-store sales fell 2.2 percent in November, even worse than analysts' expectations. Here are four ways to end the slump.
Burger King

Why Burger King Is Bringing Back a Sandwich After 40 Years Off the Menu

A full four decades after retiring the 'Yumbo' in 1974, Burger King is bringing back the hot ham and cheese sandwich.
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Pizza Hut Wants to Read Your Mind With New Digital Menu

The pizza chain says its 'Subconscious Menu' can determine what pizza you are craving in less than three seconds.

Breaded Chicken Sandwiches Are Having a Moment

The chicken sandwich may not be the sexiest menu item, but about 2.4 billion of them were served in the last year.
Burger King

Burger King Franchisees Aren't 'Satisfried' with Satisfries

Many Burger King franchisees are dropping the lower calorie fries after less than a year on the menu.