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Learn more: Kumon


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Learn more: Mathnasium

Huntington Learning Center

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Learn more: Huntington Learning Center

Leadership Management International

Learn more: Leadership Management International

Sylvan Learning

Learn more: Sylvan Learning

School of Rock

Learn more: School of Rock

Lightbridge Academy

Learn more: Lightbridge Academy

Ivybrook Academy

Learn more: Ivybrook Academy

The Little Gym

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Learn more: The Little Gym


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Learn more: Snapology
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Challenge Island

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Learn more: Challenge Island

Eye Level Learning Centers

Learn more: Eye Level Learning Centers

Send Me a Pro

Learn more: Send Me a Pro

Drama Kids

Learn more: Drama Kids

Bach to Rock

Learn more: Bach to Rock

Celebree School

Learn more: Celebree School

A Grade Ahead

Learn more: A Grade Ahead

A Plus All Subjects Tutoring Inc.

Learn more: A Plus All Subjects Tutoring Inc.


Learn more: ABC Do-Re-ME!

Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring

Learn more: Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring

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Learn more: Abrakadoodle

Areteem Intelligence Planet

Learn more: Areteem Intelligence Planet

Athena Learning Centers

Learn more: Athena Learning Centers

Baby Sensory USA

Learn more: Baby Sensory USA

Berlitz Language Centers

Learn more: Berlitz Language Centers

Best Brains Learning Centers

Learn more: Best Brains Learning Centers

Best in Class Education Center

Learn more: Best in Class Education Center

Bluekey Education

Learn more: Bluekey Education

Brain Balance Achievement Centers

Learn more: Brain Balance Achievement Centers

Brainiac Math & English Centers

Learn more: Brainiac Math & English Centers
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Brick by Brick

Learn more: Brick by Brick

Bricks 4 Kidz

Learn more: Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks Bots & Beakers

Learn more: Bricks Bots & Beakers

Building Kidz School

Learn more: Building Kidz School

Chef It Up!/Chef It Up 2 Go!

Learn more: Chef It Up!/Chef It Up 2 Go!

Chyten Educational Services

Learn more: Chyten Educational Services

Class 101

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Learn more: Class 101

Club SciKidz

Learn more: Club SciKidz

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

Learn more: Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

Code Wiz

Learn more: Code Wiz
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Learn more: CodeFu

Coder School, the

Learn more: Coder School, the


Learn more: CompuChild

Computer Explorers

Learn more: Computer Explorers


Learn more: ConfidentLee

Detroit Kid City Franchise LLC

Learn more: Detroit Kid City Franchise LLC

Elite Tutoring Place

Learn more: Elite Tutoring Place

Engineering for Kids

Learn more: Engineering for Kids

FasTracKids Int'l. Ltd.

Learn more: FasTracKids Int'l. Ltd.

Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios

Learn more: Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios