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3 Bank Stocks Leading the Way This Earnings Season

Things are getting a little spooky on Wall Street as third-quarter earnings season kicks off this week. Bank stocks will lead the way and here are three bank stocks that...

Chris Markoch

Chemical Maker Tronox Holds Above 10-Day Line After $4.3 Billion Buyout Offer

Less than a month after a buyout offer from a private equity firm, paint pigment maker Tronox Holdings (NYSE: TROX) are holding steady near their 10-day moving average.

Kate Stalter

Should Seasonal Returns Affect Your Investing Strategy?

September 2021 brought a rude awakening to investors who got accustomed to the S&P 500 moving steadily higher. The large-cap domestic index was down nearly 5% for the month, following...

Kate Stalter

You've Got a Complicated Financial Life. Find Out if You Should Ditch Your Robo Advisor for a Human

When your financial life gets complex, you might need a human on your side. Let's find out why.

Melissa Brock

This Is What To Expect From The Q3 Earnings Cycle

The analysts are expecting good things from the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) during the Q3 earnings season, as are we, but that's not what investors should...

Thomas Hughes

Investors, Have You Used the Rule of 72? If Not, Here's Why You're Missing Out

Have you heard of the Rule of 72? It's a basic formula that every investor should have at the ready. See why you should figure out how the rule of 72...

Melissa Brock

How Deep Can This Stock Market Correction Go?

The S&P 500 are on the brink of an earnings reset that could shave as much as 35% off of the index price, but we welcome the move as the next great en...

Thomas Hughes

The Best Investment: Telling Debt to Buzz Off. Do You Agree? 

Is debt the root of all evil or sunshine on a balmy day? It's funny how experts can be so divided on this issue. What do you think?

Melissa Brock

Are You Creditworthy? A Look at What Your Lender Sees (and Does Investing Affect Your Credit?)

Let's get under the microscope of what your lender sees when you apply for loan. Also, does investing and trading affect your credit and vice versa? L...

Melissa Brock

Thematic ETFs Are Valuable Tools To Add Alpha To An Allocated Portfolio

For investors who want to add alpha or excess return above the market, thematic ETFs could be the ticket. These should not be “buy and hold” investmen...

Kate Stalter

The Stock Market Can be Easier with This Portfolio Tracker

The stock market is one of the best ways to grow your wealth, provided you know what you're doing and you can pay attention.

Stock Futures Rise Ahead of Unemployment Data Release

Wall Street futures edged up on Thursday as investors looked to the weekly jobless claims filings.