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Emerging ESG Trends Forward-Thinking Small Business Owners Need to Watch

There are five key components that entrepreneurs have to get right to navigate their environmental, social and governance transformation successfully. Find out where your focus should be.

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Apple, Walmart Will Have to Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under Proposed New Law

The bill requires companies in California with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion to report greenhouse gas emissions data starting in 2026, with phased rollouts for different emission categories.

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Mercedes Just Introduced a New Car With Better Range Than a Tesla

The Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA-Class is scheduled to be on the road by 2025.

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How Three Friends Built an Award-Winning Space for Indie Winemakers to Thrive on the Vine

Patt Eagan discusses the launch and growth of Virginia's innovative Common Wealth Crush.

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Silicon Valley Tech Titans Are Building an Experimental City In Northern California

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is among the billionaires who paid $1 billion for land near an Air Force base.

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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Achieving a Net-Zero Business

From conducting a carbon footprint assessment to setting goals and investing in energy-efficient technologies, how to transform your company into a greenhouse gas emissions-neutral enterprise.

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A Billionaire Wants to Use a Cargo Plane to Fly an Orca to Freedom After 53 Years in Captivity. Here's How It Could Work.

"She's healthy, I've got the money, let's move her," Indianapolis Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay told "The Pat McAfee Show."

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A New 'EcoWarrior' Barbie Is Making Headlines. But It Turns Out It Was All a Hoax.

The fake Barbie was perpetrated by climate change activists using a phony website and press release — and it worked.


The Power of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship — How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World

Social entrepreneurs are the torchbearers of hope and progress, redefining the role of business in society.

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Phoenix Has Hit 110 Degrees for a Month, But This One Invention Is Cooling Things Down a Tad

For the Arizona city amid a record-breaking heat wave, cool surfaces bring a modicum of relief.

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Why Aren't More Companies Bragging About Their Environmental Efforts? Blame 'Greenhushing.'

In the world of corporate sustainability, it appears no publicity is good publicity.

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How to Choose Carbon Credits That Actually Cut Emissions

Carbon credits are an important way to reduce your carbon footprint, but they can be confusing. Here's what you need to know.


How the Circular Economy of Consumer Electronics Can Change Sustainability

Promoting the circular economy offers major sustainability benefits, but requires global collaboration across various industries.

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Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly — and Save Money —With These Steps Toward Sustainability

Entrepreneurs and business leaders can play a pivotal role in advancing the green building movement by transforming their offices into sustainable workspaces. Through these actionable steps, businesses can contribute to environmental sustainability while reaping benefits such as cost savings and improved workplace health.