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Green Entrepreneur

Why Smart Cities Are the Path to a Sustainable Future

Smart cities are already here, but they're no longer just a nice-to-have if we want to protect the world.

Green Entrepreneur

'Possible' Meteorite Crashes Into a New Jersey Home. 'It Penetrated the Roof.'

The Hopewell Township police department is investigating the mysterious metallic object.

Green Entrepreneur

This AI-Powered Feeder Takes Ridiculously Cool Photos of Birds in Your Backyard

Bird Buddy is the Ring of the winged world, capturing candid pictures of our feathered friends and identifying their species.

Growing a Business

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship — How to Build a Business that Makes a Positive Impact

Here are seven strategies for building a purpose-driven business that makes a positive impact.

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Microsoft Wants to Make It Easier For You To Repair Your Devices. Here's Why That's a Big Deal.

Making repair more accessible will allow consumers to use older products for longer, saving them money and reducing the environmental impact.

Business News

New York Becomes First State to Ban Gas Stoves in New Buildings

The measure will go into effect in 2026 for buildings seven stories or shorter and in 2029 for taller buildings.

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This Dumpster Diver Makes $5,000 a Month Salvaging Designer Items

Veronica Taylor travels the country sifting through garbage bins for bucks. She's part of a growing archaeological trend.

Business News

SpaceX Said It Destroyed Its Own Rocket Mid-Flight, But It Ended Up Torching a State Park — Here's What It Means for Elon Musk

The billionaire founder and CEO wants to launch again within a few months — but it's unclear if that will happen.

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GM Just Announced It's Killing the Bolt and Shifting Gears to Electric Trucks

The Chevy Bolt had been GM's best-selling electric car but has been dogged by flammable battery issues.

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Researchers: El Niño Could Lead to the Spread of Infectious Diseases. 'We Have to Prepare Ourselves.'

The weather phenomena has the potential to fuel pathogen-carrying mosquitoes, bacteria, and toxic algae.

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3 Energy Saving Tips Small Businesses Can Try This Earth Day

Small businesses can make a big impact on the planet, all while building employee-partner relationships and without breaking the bank.

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Don't Let Your Sustainability Efforts Stop After Earth Day. Use These 5 Tips to Build Long-Lasting Green Initiatives.

Here are some tips to create long-lasting green initiatives within your brands that you can be proud to promote on Earth Day and beyond.


Bad Weather Won't Ruin Your Vacation Anymore — One Company Will Pay You to Enjoy It Rain or Shine

Nick Cavanaugh founded Sensible Weather to solve an all-too-common problem and bring awareness to climate change.

Green Entrepreneur

NASA Satellite Will Crash Into Earth Tonight. Chances of It Causing Harm Are '1 in 2,467.'

The old spacecraft is expected to burn up as it reenters the atmosphere.