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Bad Weather Won't Ruin Your Vacation Anymore — One Company Will Pay You to Enjoy It Rain or Shine

Nick Cavanaugh founded Sensible Weather to solve an all-too-common problem and bring awareness to climate change.

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NASA Satellite Will Crash Into Earth Tonight. Chances of It Causing Harm Are '1 in 2,467.'

The old spacecraft is expected to burn up as it reenters the atmosphere.

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How Maserati Recharged Its Brand

Davide Grasso, Global CEO of Maserati, discusses rebuilding the iconic car company with their first all-electric vehicle.

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A Museum Is Offering $25,000 to Find the Meteorite That Just Struck Earth

Calling all meteor hunters—a flying fireball landed in Maine that could contain valuable information about the solar system.


Jeans Made Out of…What? One Company Dared to Go Where None Had Before — and Even Levi's Is On Board.

Stacy Flynn, CEO and co-founder of textile innovations company Evrnu, is redefining fashion's sustainable future.

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Walmart Will Add 'Thousands' of EV Charging Stations to Its Stores by 2030

The announcement marks the latest major retail chain to invest in charging initiatives.

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Ram Says Its New Electric Truck Can Go 500 Miles Per Charge

The Ram 1500 REV's range is longer than any other electric truck on the market.

Thought Leaders

'Trust Your Gut.' Kendall Jenner Talks Tequila, Sustainability, and Becoming an Entrepreneur

In an exclusive interview, the mega-influencer discusses her company 818 Tequila.

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This Meatball Is Mammoth. Seriously, It's Made From the Prehistoric Woolly Elephant.

A food startup introduced lab-grown, cultivated meat using the DNA of the 4,000-year-old extinct animal.

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Want to Be More Sustainable? 4 Ways To Take Advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act

How going green can put you in the black.

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This Startup Is Using Plants to Capture Carbon Emissions

Carba converts plant waste into a charcoal-like substance called biochar.

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A Massive Hole In the Sun May Cause Dazzling Light Show Here On Earth

NASA says the coronal hole could blast the Earth with solar winds as early as Friday. What does this mean?

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The Shipping Industry Has an Emissions Problem. This Is One Green Solution.

How can the maritime sector achieve a global goal of net-zero emissions by 2050? Green corridors.

Business News

New Mexico Is Hiring Professional Bear Huggers -- Here's How to Land the Dream Job

The American Black Bear was selected as the state's official animal on February 8, 1963, by the New Mexico Legislature.

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San Franciso Bans Future Sale of Gas-Powered Heating Appliances

Starting in 2027, Bay Area residents must replace broken furnaces with heat pumps.