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New Mexico Is Hiring Professional Bear Huggers -- Here's How to Land the Dream Job

The American Black Bear was selected as the state's official animal on February 8, 1963, by the New Mexico Legislature.

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San Franciso Bans Future Sale of Gas-Powered Heating Appliances

Starting in 2027, Bay Area residents must replace broken furnaces with heat pumps.

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Tweak Your Company's Mission Statement to Inspire Sustainability With Just One Word

Embracing corporate responsibility doesn't have to mean completely overhauling your company.

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Food Waste Is a Problem. These Entrepreneurial Brothers Believe They've Found a Sustainable Solution.

A chicken company called Do Good Foods hopes to combat the dual concerns of food waste and climate change.

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Are Self-Flying Planes the Future of Air Travel? An Aviation Expert Weighs In.

There's a big difference between flying on autopilot and flying without a human at all.

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7 Water-Saving Strategies for Your Business

With water shortages rampant worldwide, here are some tips to avoid a crisis and help save our water resources.

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Environmentalists Warn 'Green Hydrogen' Coud Leave a Giant Carbon Footprint, But Big Companies Disagree

Now the Treasury Department must settle a debate over the best way to craft a tax credit designed to advance clean hydrogen production.

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SpaceX Just Launched Four Astronauts Into Space. 'Don't Forget to Give Us Five Stars.'

The mission was the final of six awarded by NASA.

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There Are a Ton of New Jobs In Energy. Are You Qualified to Fill Them?

A new study forecasts that 100,000 opportunities are there for the taking, but companies are having difficulty finding talent.

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6 Meaningful Ways to Reduce Your Company's Carbon Footprint

Businesses implementing successful green programs have seen cost savings, improved public image, boosted morale, and reduced environmental impact.

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5 Top Green Energy Stocks To Look Out for in 2023

Are you ready to start making clean investments? Here are five green energy stocks you might want to invest in next year.

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Horror in Ohio: The Lastest on the Toxic Train Derailment

Two weeks after a train wreck released toxic chemicals, the scope of the environmental impact is still unknown.

Science & Technology

What Is Sustainable Farming and Agriculture?

Sustainable farming is the way of the future for agriculture. Discover what sustainable farming and agriculture are in this detailed guide.

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The Evergreen Action Path to Reaching 100% Clean Energy

Can your business make the transition to a clean-powered future?


What Is Sustainable Fashion? Everything You Need To Know.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, but is it sustainable? Read on to learn more about sustainability in fashion.