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5 Pro Tips for Virtual Presentations

Use these tips for your videoconference presentations, and you'll wow your audience every time.

Operations & Logistics

Improving Productivity for Remote and Distributed Work Forces

As work from home and distributed teams become a new normal, it's critical to recognize that managing remote teams comes with some different challenges. Here are four tips to achieving stronger communication and productivity gains.

Thought Leaders

Creating Community and Connectivity Through Food

The owner and president of Maria's Italian Kitchen explains how she's working to serve others and stabilize those in her community.


How to Effectively Communicate to Your Organization in Turbulent Times

Those who do it well will be able to project a vision for the future and map out a practical path forward.

Operations & Logistics

How to Reward Employees in Uncertain Times

When an office pizza party can't happen, here are seven alternatives.

Operations & Logistics

9 Strategies To Build An Employee-First Culture

Culture is the most significant lever that any organization requires to drive performance.

Starting a Business

5 Ways HR Leaders Can Engage and Empower Hourly Workers

Moving forward, communication, flexibility and health insurance will be more important than ever.


Improve Any Team's Online Communication with These 3 Military Email Protocols

The BLUF protocol alone will get to the point immediately.


5 Tips for Hiring and Team Building Remotely

Utilize all your resources and tailor experiences for the virtual new reality.

Operations & Logistics

5 Tips for Team Management in Trying Times

Stay calm and communicate clearly, among other strategies.

Operations & Logistics

Building Reputation and Relationships When We Can't Be Face-to-Face

Six tips to help as we navigate the new normal.


10 Successful Women in STEM & Tech Share How They Are Balancing Life and Work During Covid-19

Timely leadership advice from these female executives.

Growing a Business

5 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Prepare for Reopening

Get out ahead of training and scheduling.


How Preparation and Role-Playing Can Help You Become a Brilliant Communicator

Use these steps to prepare yourself for those tough conversations you don't want to have, but need to have.