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The Next Wave of New Jobs in India Will Be in Renewable Energy Sector. Here's Why

Potential of sun and wind as a sustainable source of energy for the electricity hungry nation recognised and at last worked upon

Sanchita Dash

More Than Sun In Your Eyes: Fedgroup's Impact Farming Solar Offering

There are many ways to monetise property investments, but Fedgroup's Impact Farming solar offering combines monetising rooftop space with all the social and tax benefits of green energy. Suraj Lallchand unpacks the benefits for business owners and landlords.


California to Require Solar Panels on Most New Homes

It's the first state where the renewable energy is mandatory.

Jon Fingas

Will Indian Government be Able to Meet its Renewable Energy Targets by 2022?

The Indian government has accorded a slew of incentives to propel the growth of the solar segment.

Sun's Shining Bright on the Solar Industry in India

The solar industry in India is worth over INR 30,000 crores

Sanchita Dash

This Expert Shares His Know-how in the Field of Renewable Energy for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Vikram Kailas shares tips for entrepreneurs planning to start up in the Indian renewable energy sector

Komal Nathani

Tesla Is Cooling Down Classrooms in Hawaii

Temperatures in Hawaii get too high for kids to concentrate in class, so Tesla stepped in to give them AC using Powerwalls and solar panels.

Matthew Humphries

Tesla Will Create a 'Virtual Power Plant' With 50,000 Australian Homes

The solar-based project promises to stabilize power and lower prices.

Jon Fingas

This Energy Company is Set to Triple its Revenues Riding on Indian Power Giants

Jakson Group counts India's top power units like NTPC in its clients list

Sanchita Dash

#5 Reasons why Energy Financing Should be Reinvented

The need of the hour is new financing solutions that are accessible, global and transparent

How 'Make in India' Plastics will Counter Import Dependency

To enable successful implementation of local manufacturing, we must stop relying on imports and focus on indigenous technologies

Varun Gupta