Business Traveler's Journal - Page: 7

How to Be Seen as an Expert in Anything

What does it take to be seen as an expert? It's a bit different for everyone.

Timothy Carter

Should You Work for Money or Love?

After assessing Covid-19's seismic effects - as well as his own in life in the wake of a marital breakup - a computer-programmer-turned-writer asks and answers the question, "Should I work for money or love?"

Why I Started Wearing the Same Outfit Every Day

Small decisions distract from the important ones. How simplifying your wardrobe can change your life.

Dylan Ogline

7 Ways to Boost Your Weekly Productivity

How to increase productivity in a way that works for you long term, even on your most hectic days. 

Richard Maize

4 Things I Learned from Viktor Frankl's 'Man's Search for Meaning'

How this astonishing book detailing the author's experiences in Nazi concentration camps taught me the importance of finding purpose in everything you do, among other life lessons.

Gergo Vari

How the Keto Diet Can Feed Entrepreneurship and Creativity

For those looking for ways to take their work to the next level, a keto diet may be just what they need.

Adrian Nita

Zen and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Practical meditation tips for busy people and why the new person might have the most important perspective in the room.

Why Travel Insurance Is a Great Holiday Gift to Yourself

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic complicated our vacation plans, traveling during the holiday season was stressful enough. There were often flight delays, cancellations and bad weather. Now, travelers also need…

Elina Geller

The Only Way Out Is Through: How to Survive Backlash Against Your Company

Lee Thompson, co-founder of the group travel company Flash Pack, explains how leaning into a storm of Covid controversy led his business to thrive.

Lee Thompson

How Amtrak Train Travel Could Grow Under Infrastructure Bill

President Joe Biden is set to sign a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was passed by the House late Friday. The bill is intended to invest in many aspects of…

Sally French