Business Traveler's Journal - Page: 9

The Effect Freelancing Has On Your Mental Health

Constant-grind-mode is good for your finances, but bad for your brain.

Liz Abere

Jake Paul Was Living in a 'Fantasy World' as an Influencer in LA Until Boxing Changed His Life: 'You've Got to Grow Up at Some Point'

The YouTube-star-turned-professional-boxer opens about his old life and shares how boxing has given him the strength, purpose and structure he's always longed for.

Order Up: As Fast Food Continues to Turn Vegan, What's Next?

Vegetarian in 30 minutes or less: how quick service restaurants are diving headfirst into the plant-based food space.

Brian Kateman

8 Secrets for Health and Healing

Aging well takes a lifetime-and results can be dramatic

The Epoch Times

How Being Vulnerable Can Help You Land Dream Clients

While vulnerability can be difficult in the beginning, it's a powerful force that can help you maximize professional success.

Simon Lovell

6 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Freelancing allows you to work at your own pace and widen your professional network.

Ross Jenkins

How the Superpower of Uncertainty Can Benefit Your Career

While uncomfortable, uncertainty can bring you to new levels in your work.

If You're Answering Emails On Vacation Then I Have Good News (And Bad News) For You

Being indispensable is great if you're an employee, but not so great if you own a business.

Gene Marks

How to Stop Getting Distracted and Regain Your Focus

Are daily distractions causing you problems at home and work?

John Rampton

A Guide to Mastering Your Fear

Beneath our retreat to comfort is often a fear of being inadequate

The Epoch Times

How to Turn Your Mistakes Into Opportunities

Temporary failings can be the key to growth and success.

Richard Maize

9 Ways to Feel Human Connection in a Virtual World

How do we feel real human connection to our friends, family and co-workers when we can't see them in person?

Ryan Avery