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Crypto Doesn't Have to Be Serious. Just Ask This Comedian Who Organized a Conference About Failure in the Industry.

Allison Bishop, general chair of this year's International Crypto Conference, is a computer scientist and comedian who knows humor can make a real impact.

Amanda Breen

Digital Twins Are the Future, Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Them Secure While Manufacturing Innovation

Digital twins are an electronic version of a real-work entity. They are bound for a 36 percent increase in usage over the next five years. Here are five ways to utilize and secure digital twins while ensuring peak productivity.

What You Need to Know About This New Cybersecurity Trend

There's a new trend in cybersecurity that's likely going to play a critical role in keeping our data secure and private: confidential computing. Here's why and how it's going to change some of mankind's most important industries.

Thales Chairman And CEO Patrice Caine On His Company Acting As "Cyber Doorkeepers" For Its Clients Around The World

It's probably nothing new to hear that organizations that don't safeguard themselves from digital risks stand to lose a lot- but what might be more pertinent to note in our current circumstances is the sheer rise in cybercrime of late.

Aby Sam Thomas

Cryptocurrencies Are Clear Danger, Says Shaktikanta Das

The RBI governor highlighted the growth of cyber risk along with the digitalization of financial system

Teena Jose

8 Ways You Can Make Your Mac More Secure Right Now

With data breaches and malware attacks becoming more and more common, check out these simple steps to help keep your data secure.

Mykola Srebniuk

Will Reporting Pressure Improve Cybersecurity In India?

CERT-IN's directive is considerably more aggressive than those passed by the US and the European Union

Diwakar Dayal

Security Matters: Why We Need To Safeguard Ourselves From The Potentially Deadly Consequences In The Race For Autonomy

In recent months, we've seen a growing concern around cybersecurity and its far-reaching implications in autonomous systems.

Lee Drinkwater

This Innovative Hardware Offers Elite Cybersecurity

Connect safely all over the world with this travel-friendly cybersecurity hardware.