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If You're Not Marketing to Older People, Your Business Is Missing Out Big Time

The silver economy is one dominated by the buying power of elderly people, and new businesses need to pay attention to this thriving, growing demographic if they want to maximize revenues.

Joy Youell

A Google Exec Declared Guest Blogging 'Dead' in 2014, But Here's How to Make It Pay Dividends in 2022 and Beyond

Contrary to popular opinion, guest blogging isn't dead -- as long as you use these eight strategies to maximize your brand's results.

John Boitnott

How to Collect Digital Marketing Data in 5 Easy Steps

Data insights will enable you to create innovative solutions, allowing you to achieve your goals -- and then some.

Nick Chernets

Take a Deep Dive into the Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

Get ahead with the digital marketing strategies of the future.

iStock Offers a Free Online Video Editor With Loads of Features

This video editor makes it easy to add millions of video clips and images from the iStock archives.


What Is Your Entrepreneurial Superpower?

A recent experience coaching my daughter's soccer team reminded me of my strengths as a business owner.

Nicole Bernard

Podcasters Are the New Influencers

Hiring an influencer can be expensive, and you only reach people on social media. Being on a podcast allows you to network and be seen across social media and search engines.

Why Attribution Is All That Should Matter in Digital Marketing

Companies are making it more important than ever for them to prioritize attribution.

Sergio Alvarez

8 Questions That'll Tell You If You Should Use Social Media or Not

For entrepreneurs, there are advantages and disadvantages to using social media for business.

Jon Michail

Copywriters Beware: Robots Are Coming

While machine learning and AI continue to reshape a range of industries, including copywriting, human writers still have several advantages.

Francis Beltran