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5 books for unstoppable female entrepreneurs

Women are unstoppable and these 5 readings show us stories of entrepreneurs, leaders and warriors who rose from the dust to build their dreams.

March Violante

9 books in Spanish you must read to take your business to the next level

Well the saying goes: "Do you want to live forever? Write. Do you want to live a thousand lives? Read."

50 phrases for entrepreneurs

Great characters share some lessons to motivate you at any time.

John Rampton

The 5 wounds you need to heal to spread your wings in business

The decision to start a business is governed by the mentality of gaining autonomy, personal fulfillment and helping others, but at the same time positively promoting the generation of innovative, competitive and unique ideas, which can also bring with it some fears or barriers that prevent taking the first step.


Why Steve Jobs' passion for calligraphy is an inspiration to increase your creativity

Just like Apple founder Steve Jobs did, by intentionally exercising your creative muscle, new opportunities naturally arise, and calligraphy is perfect for this.

Douglas Crowe

SILENCE, BRUNO! 5 lessons that 'Luca' leaves us about entrepreneurship

Look everywhere for inspiration when starting a new project ... including Pixar movies.

Waiter returns 168 thousand pesos in cash to a customer who forgot them at his table

Miguel Morales found a Carrefour bag full of money left behind by a frequent customer in a Buenos Aires restaurant.

Lessons We Learned From The Movie 'The Intern'

Would you dare to apply for an internship to a fashion business online without knowing anything about technology?

Querido Dinero

Get Inspiration for Launching a Business From Successful Founders

Starter Story helps you find the inspiration and tools you need to launch your business.

How can we reinvent ourselves in times of uncertainty?

Talking about reinventing something implies changing some paradigms; and new paradigms demand, without exception, new forms.

The 5 board games to ignite your entrepreneurial spark

These games force you to think strategically and sharpen your senses.