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The Facts are Supporting the Justified Enthusiasm for Teladoc Health

After falling 54% in 2021, Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) may be getting a closer look from investors. If it is, investors will find that emotions and facts are lining up...

Chris Markoch

It’s Time To Snack On Ruth’s Hospitality Group 

Shares of Ruth’s Hospitality Group (NASDAQ: RUTH) tanked and tanked hard in the wake of the Q4 earnings release but we’re not surprised the loss has already been recovered. Institutional...

Thomas Hughes

The Technicals are Still Bullish for These 3 Small Caps

Despite the broad market weakness, these three small caps have surprisingly bullish longer term technicals—and are in the driver’s seat to rebound quickly.

MarketBeat Staff

Why Are So Few VCs Investing in BIPOC Companies?

Venture capital is no different than most endeavors: it lacks diversity. 

Going Public

Why Not Consider Preferred Stocks? Check Out These 3 Stock ETFs Right Now

Preferred stock offers higher yield and less volatility than common stock. Here's what you need to know, especially about preferred stock ETFs.

Melissa Brock

New Episode of 'Going Public': Does Anything Compare to In-Person Meetings?

Serial entrepreneur Josh Snow shows the power of an on-site visit to understand and elevate a business.

Going Public

Taking a Closer Look at Preferred Equity and Why It's So Powerful in Real Estate

Preferred equity can be a decisive advantage for both sponsors and investors alike.

Feras Moussa

How Investors Determine Whether Your Business Is Worth It

If you want to write a successful business plan that gets you the funding you desire, you'll first need to put on your investor cap.

Nate Nead

BIPOC Companies Passed Over By VCs Are Seeing Big Interest From Retail Investors

Unlike venture capital, retail investors are rather diverse and likely more aware of underfunded ventures.

Going Public

How to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors

Clear differences exist between startups that can raise financing and those that can't.

Nate Nead

Construction, Concrete and Asphalt Prices Keep Going Up: Stocks to Consider

Why not take advantage of burgeoning construction and asphalt costs? Here's what you can do.

Melissa Brock

Is It Too Late to Start Investing?

All the financial news outlets and resources say the same thing: Start investing young — and the younger you are, the better. But what happens if you’re closer to 60…

Alana Benson