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How This Entrepreneur is Changing the Way Indian Women Shop for their Jewelry

The Indian consumer today is spoilt for choices and it is increasingly important for brands to be where they are.


Don't Break Your Head Over Booking Holidays, Here's How You Can Plan Better

According to a number of surveys, about 80 per cent people research for holidays online but only 60 per cent finally book their holidays online

Growing a Business

4 Things to Know About Money and Your Online Business

Grasp these four principles in order to develop a business that has a major impact in the online world.

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6 Things Amazon Is Doing To Give Better Customer Service In India Over Its Competitors

Amazon has committed $5 billion in investment in the Indian online retail market.

Growth Strategies

Indian E-Commerce Is Not Dead: It Is Simply Evolving

India is not, and cannot simply be a carbon-copy of business models from the Western world!

Starting a Business

How To Build a Reselling Platform in India

In case of reselling platforms, every consumer is going benchmark your company against the classifieds - Olx, Quikr

Business Ideas

6 Reasons Your Online Business Won't Make Money Any Time Soon

You need to understand that an online business is all about real people.

Growing a Business

5 Must-Have Skills for Running an Online Business

You successfully registered your domain. You mastered WordPress. But what about installing a script or fixing your MySQL database?

Growth Strategies

Can Omni Presence Overpower Brick And Mortar

The joy and trust are doubled when retailers are operating through multiple channels, online and offline.

Social Media

Have an Interesting Old Blog Post? Here Are 8 Ways to Go Back and Promote Them!

There are several great examples of bloggers who have utilized a well-written post over a long period to boost blog readership

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Big Turnaround! How Jabong Clocked Gross Profit In First Quarter This Year

The company is expected to witness more action around profitability as we go into Q3 and Q4.


A Journey Of Laundry Business From Dhobi Ghats To Online Marketplace

Organised players are cashing in on this unique opportunity to enter the unorganised laundry market in a big way

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The How And Why Of CXO Exodus

The chances of hearing good news from the eCommerce industry anytime soon are very low.


The DNA of the Successful Amazon Seller

In combination, these four interlocking skills embody the successful Amazon sellers.