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The Last 8 Years Were Pretty Good for Many Entrepreneurs

Oh, it was no walk in the park, but the structural transformation begun in 2008 has offered opportunity, too.

Phil La Duke

· 6 min read

Does a College Degree Still Matter?

A diploma is still an employer's best assurance a candidate possess the skills needed to help run a company.

Chidike Samuelson

· 5 min read

U.S. Created 38,000 Jobs in May Vs. 162,000 Expected

'There's one word for it, which is just shocking,' said Dan North, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America. 'Unfortunately it does look like a trend. It's not great news.'

Jeff Cox

· 3 min read

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise, and Planned Layoffs Surge

Most of the announced job cuts were concentrated in the energy sector, which is reeling from low oil prices that have hurt profits.


· 3 min read

Smokers Get Burned When it Comes to Payday

A new study suggests that smoking not only harms to physical health, but finances too.


· 3 min read

8 Tips to Gather Experience to Land Your Dream Job

Prep for when the perfect position opens up.

Stan Popovich

· 4 min read

Laura Entis

· 3 min read

What Tech Companies Are Doing to Bridge the Skills Gap

The shortage of workers trained for jobs in the digital economy and sophisticated manufacturing is costly for companies and vexing for the unemployed.

Jeremy Johnson

· 4 min read

3 Questions to Ask When Considering an Unemployed Candidate

Managers shouldn't quickly dismiss those currently out of work, but like any other potential hire, due diligence is required.

Doug and Polly White

· 4 min read

The Rise of the Robotic Co-Worker

By assuming core processes in factories, labs, hospitals, offices, will machines make people irrelevant or unemployed? Consider this argument that humans partnered with such machines will give rise to efficiency, customer service and innovation.

Alastair Bathgate

· 6 min read

Report: Having a Bad Job Is More Psychologically Damaging Than Being Unemployed

New research calls into question the well-accustomed axiom that any job is better than no job at all.

Geoff Weiss

· 2 min read

Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs More, and That's a Good Thing

In September, people were quitting their jobs the fastest rate in more than six years.


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