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Venture Capital

Seed Funding

SCUBA Diving and Seed Money are More Connected Than You Think

An expert explains the pitfalls that come after securing funding.

5 Tips for Beating the Odds When Crowdfunding

Marketing is everything. How do you maximize your effort?
Project Grow

5 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Term Sheet

How do you distinguish the good VCs from the not-so-good ones?
Internet of Things

Why This VC Is Bullish on Detroit Building the Internet of Things

Jay Adelson of Center Electric believes Midwestern work ethic and manufacturing prowess are advantages Silicon Valley can't match.
Equity Crowdfunding

To Encourage Crowdfunding, Change the Definition of an Investment Company

Equity crowdfunding is hampered by regulations designed to curb stock-market abuse.
Funding Secrets

What the Founder of Jukely Learned About Raising Money

Bora Celik of Jukely explains how he snagged funding for his company.
Ask the Expert

The 6 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Be Prepared for Investors to Ask

Founders can't just present a pitch deck to investors and think they will get funding. They need to be prepared for all sorts of questions.
Sharing Economy

How BlaBlaCar Is Different From Uber

The French ridesharing company is reportedly valued at more than $1 billion. Here's what you need to know about it.

5 Proven Ways to Attract More Contributions to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Who exactly is your audience? Would you believe that a lot of people can't describe their ideal contributor?
Ask the Expert

Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert: Venture Capitalist Tony Conrad.

Venture capitalist Tony Conrad is looking to take your questions on raising funds, approaching investors, structuring deals, making your pitch stand out and more.
Ask the Expert

The 3 Things You Must Do Before You Approach an Investor

Many entrepreneurs want to go directly to the source the moment an idea strikes or at the first sign of growth, but you need to first prove the business to yourself before asking others to believe in...

What Types of Companies Is Peter Thiel's Founders Fund Actually Investing In?

The recent interests of the former Paypal founder and recognizable venture capitalist provide some insights for entrepreneurs who are seeking funding.
Venture Capital

A 3-Point Blueprint for Getting Noticed by Venture Capitalists

A contestant on the upcoming reality show Startup U shares his strategies for winning funding for his startup.

The Do's and Don'ts of Asking for an Intro to a Venture Capitalist

If you want to give in front of an investor to pitch your company, you better do some legwork first.
Funding Secrets

How DigitalOcean Won Over Investors

VCs weren't initially sold on the startup, which is now one of the fastest-growing cloud hosting providers in the market.