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Your Alma Mater Might Want to Finance Your Startup

Alumni investment groups join the VC landscape.

Michelle Goodman

· 2 min read

How Angel Investing Is Different Outside of Silicon Valley

While much of angel investing is the same everywhere, angels outside of Silicon Valley need to do a few things differently to be successful.

Scott Shane

· 4 min read

What VCs Want in 2016

From cybersecurity to robotics: 2016 investment predictions from top VCs

Michelle Goodman

· 9 min read

5 Questions You Must Ask to Build a Company That Lasts

A VC professional shares his thoughts on team building, timing and more.

Joseph Ansanelli

· 5 min read

7 Reasons You Should Stop Looking for Venture Capital

Most companies can afford to -- and should -- be a little scrappier. Here's why.

Shannon Whitehead

· 5 min read

Why SalesLoft's Second Wind Is Going Strong

This software suite revamped itself, and now it's raking in funds.

Brittany Shoot

· 3 min read

Startups Don't Need Unicorn Aspirations to Attract Investor Attention

Investors fixated on finding the next startup to attain the exalted $1 billion valuation inevitably miss many very good investments.

Richard Maclean

· 5 min read

Why the VC Game Is Attracting a Whole New Set of Players

Corporations, cities and special groups have jumped into equity financing.

Michelle Goodman

· 4 min read

Airbnb Is Now the Third-Highest Valued Startup After Massive $1.5 Billion Funding Round

The new round reportedly raises the startup's valuation to $25.5 billion.

Biz Carson

· 1 min read

Everyone Pays to Raise Money

One way or another, entrepreneurs always pay to obtain capital.

Scott Shane

· 4 min read

How to Get Top Talent When You Have a Bare Bones Budget

Your startup isn't generating enough cash to pay decent salaries. Now what?

Sam Hogg

· 3 min read