Ex-Drug CEO Martin Shkreli Ordered to Testify on Spike in Drug Pricing

A congressional committee has demanded that Shkreli appear at a hearing about his decision to raise the price of a lifesaving medicine by more than 5,000 percent.
Dan Price

Dan Price's Ex-Wife Stands By Domestic-Abuse Allegations in Latest Blog Post

A TEDx talk containing allegations that Kristie Colón had been abused at Price's hand was deleted by the University of Kentucky last month.

10 People Arrested in Connection With Bitcoin Money Laundering Scheme

The 10 men, all in their 20s and with Dutch nationality, were arrested in coordinated raids at 15 locations across the Netherlands.

Drunken Exec Who Punched Uber Driver in Viral Video Is Suing the Driver for $5 Million

The former Taco Bell exec who became infamous for assaulting his driver says it isn't his fault and the driver has to pay.

7 Legal Steps You Must Take Before Outsourcing Content Creation

Contracts, insurance policies, copyright issues. Yes, you need to think about all this and more to protect yourself whenever you outsource labor.
News and Trends

Why General Electric Is Moving Its Headquarters to Boston

The conglomerate, which is currently based in Fairfield, Conn., stands to gain more than just new access to tech talent.

Lawmakers In These 3 U.S. States Are Considering Lowering the Legal Drinking Age to 18

The respective bills would mark an about-face from Congress' National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which set the legal limit to 21 in 1984 to decrease drunk driving.

Fitbit Sued by Investors Over Alleged Tracking Inaccuracies

The new lawsuit follows a consumer lawsuit filed last week.

Chobani Under Fire for Claiming That Yoplait Contains 'Bug Spray'

General Mills has filed a lawsuit against the yogurt company for its #NoBadStuff ad campaign.

Chipotle Subpoenaed in Criminal Investigation Over Norovirus Outbreak

The struggling chain also saw its sales nosedive in the fourth quarter.

Government Must Protect Rude or Racist Brands, Court Says

The U.S. Trademark Office must protect companies with slur names, according to the Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.
Business Travel

Soon, Your Driver's License May Not Be Enough to Get You on a Domestic Flight

You may have to bring extra documentation to the airport depending on how your state is complying with new security standards.

How One Fashion Worker's Pronunciation of 'Bra' Sparked a Workplace Lawsuit

The employee claims her assistant and co-workers frequently mocked how she pronounced words like 'lunch,' 'buyer,' 'arrow' and, especially, 'bra.'

What Businesses in NYC Need to Know About Discrimination Against Transgender Workers

The city recently released updated guidelines on what actions are considered discrimination.

Gillette Sues Dollar Shave Club Over Patented Technology Claims

Grooming brand says competitor infringed on a 2004 patent involving a 'chromium-containing overcoat layer.'
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