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Customers Are Very Receptive To Working With Startups, Says Microsoft Ventures

Changes in the environment will help in the maturing of the ecosystem


Struggling to Market Your Small Business? Do What Hollywood Does.

Big corporate entities are spending tons of marketing dollars to get what you already possess: a story.

Thought Leaders

This 29-Year-Old Entrepreneur Was Rejected by 35 Potential Employers. Now, He's the Co-Founder of a $1 Billion Startup. Here's How.

Dan Kan, the lesser known co-founder of autonomous driving startup Cruise Automation, which was recently purchased by GM, took a windy road from college to Silicon Valley.

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5 Signs You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

These signs are something that most successful entrepreneurs have in common.

Starting a Business

7 Shortcuts That Can Kill A Startup Business

Good business practices lead to successful ventures.


Is Entrepreneurship Addictive?

For entrepreneurs, failure is just another lesson learnt; a stepping stone to success.

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5 Ways for a New Entrepreneur to Get Ahead

Set yourself up for success in the business world with these tips.

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To Meet Your Goals, Follow These Innovative People

Don't reinvent the wheel, follow the examples of those who have succeeded.

Making a Change

No One Should Feel Guilty for Jumping Off or for Staying on at a Job. Me, I Jumped!

Starting a business or sticking with a career is a personal decision that requires a lot of soul searching and a thorough understanding of what you personally want out of life.


How This Founder Created Her Own Way TO Success

"I would encourage every woman in this country to stand up and dream," says LimeRoad's Founder.


From Not Finding One Good Saree To Selling Loads

Mirraw - Reflecting The Desi Beauty Of India

Growth Strategies

5 Learnings From Entrepreneurial Journey of Elon Musk

Elon is the founder of two of the most revolutionary companies everTesla Motors and SpaceX.


Crowning It Like A Boss

A conversation with Sameer Grover, founder and CEO of Crown-It


Always in News with the CEO of InShorts

This Millennial dropped out of IIT to form his own start-up