Restaurant Business

The Ingredients of Restaurant Success

You love food, but it takes more than that to start a restaurant. Here's what you need to write your own recipe for success.
Starting a Business

Sweet Idea: Dessert-Only Restaurants

Satisfy the strongest sweet tooths with this clever twist on the traditional restaurant.
Starting a Business

Burgers Are Going Upscale

A burger business might sound old school, but new hamburger restaurants are serving up patties with a twist

The Secret Ingredient to Restaurant Success

An expert reveals why some restaurants take off and others fall flat.
Starting a Business

Planning for a Restaurant

Get a business plan in place before you open a restaurant.
Starting a Business

Simple Restaurants Are Big Business

Want to start a restaurant? One ingredient may be all you need.

Buying a Restaurant Franchise

Do you have what it takes to be a successful restaurateur? Our franchise expert offers some words of wisdom.

Restaurant Success Stories

We revisited four entrepreneurs we profiled in the past to find out more about their recipes for success.

Start-Up Ideas

How Ethnic Food Lures Crossover Restaurateurs

Taste Isn't Everything

Function is the key ingredient in designing a restaurant.

Soup's On!

It started with the Soup Nazi. Now it's one of America's hottest restaurant concepts.