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Why the Great Resignation Just Gave Your Small Business a Big Boost

Four techniques for creatively attracting and recruiting today's career-changers

Jeff Mazur

Use These 5 Simple Hacks to Become a LinkedIn Marketing Master

Want to grow your small business? LinkedIn may be the lead-generation tool your growth strategy is missing.

Adam Petrilli

7 Mistakes That Make or Break Small Businesses

Launching a new business is risky -- learn from other's mistakes and set yourself up for success.

Solopreneurs are Changing the Face of the Economy

A new kind of entrepreneur is taking the business world by storm -- and solopreneurs are doing it all by themselves.

Yali Saar

6 Ways Small Towns Can Create More Economic Growth

Ideas for creating growth locally and for bringing growth from outside your locale.

Meet the Illinois-Based, Family Owned Business That Helped Make 'Nightmare Alley' Oscar-Worthy

Fourth-generation Armbruster Manufacturing president Hellar Armbruster still can't believe how incredible his company's hand-sewn tents look in Guillermo del Toro's period thriller.

Kenny Herzog

4 Ways to Design a Work Culture That Will Beat the Great Resignation

Retaining and attracting employees is going to be a top priority for businesses going forward.

Ross Buhrdorf

Democrats Must Resist Pressure If They Hope to Create a Fairer Tax Code

Our current tax code punishes some businesses, like brick-and-mortar retailers, while rewarding the biggest and wealthiest companies.

Bill Bradbury

'Shop Safe' Provision in the America Competes Act Puts Online Sellers in Danger

By unfairly putting the onus of the counterfeit goods problem squarely on the shoulders of online marketplaces, Shop Safe could effectively reshape the way more than 263 million Americans shop -- and harm small businesses in the process. 

Bryce Lee

3 Risk-Management Challenges Family-Owned Businesses Face and How to Solve Them

There's no denying the importance of family-owned businesses to the economy and workforce, yet it's family-owned businesses that often have the most to lose.

Randy Sadler

New IRS 1099 Rule for PayPal and Venmo Targets Very Small Businesses and Will Cause Misreporting and Errors

The IRS recently announced that payment apps such as PayPal, Venmo and CashApp will be required to issue 1099s to small businesses and self-employed persons. The problem is these taxpayers don't have accounting departments and professionals to rely on.

Mat Sorensen