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Why Insuring Your Business is a Wise Idea

Insurance companies also sell individual policies where you can choose a customised portfolio.

Naval Goel

4 Ways the Fight Over Data is Getting Way More Personal

Many people want to own their data and the rights to disseminate it in a way that benefits them in return.

Sheila Eugenio

The New EU General Data Protection Regulation: Big Data Protection Gets Personal

The stage for profound repercussions to digital privacy is set. Here's how it affects you:

Data Protection for Small Business

Protecting online transactions should be the number one priority of start-ups and businesses

Vinil Ramdev

Here's why you should ditch your Hard Disk for a Solid State Drive (SSD) RIGHT NOW

Samnsung has launched the world's largest SSD - 16 TB - estimated to cost around 8,000US$. Here's why it costs so much

Rustam Singh

5 Ways to Avoid Data Disasters

Here's how to prevent the theft and / or loss of your priceless digital information.

Jim Flynne