It's All In the Wrist: Apple's Tactic for a Little Games Glory

Apple is not permitted to display its limited-edition bands alongside the Olympics logo, or any other obvious Games symbol, but that has not stopped some fans from doing so.

12 Amazing Tech Innovations You'll See at the Rio Olympics

From surveillance balloons to VR, these solutions are helping athletes go for the gold and giving fans new ways to cheer them on.

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With the Olympics almost underway, this is how women will watch the games this year.

12 Inspirational Moments From Past Olympics

As we get into the sporting spirit, we've recognized Olympics athletes that have shaped and inspired the world we live in today.
Radicals & Visionaries

How This Olympian, Soldier, Dad and Entrepreneur Does it All

For this week's '20 Questions' series we talk to Staff Sgt. John Nunn who is taking a break from his cookie business to head to Rio to compete in the upcoming Olympics.

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6 Companies Backing Rio Olympic Athletes

These entrepreneurs and businesses are assisting athletes with tech, mosquito repellent and a job placement program.

Why Riding the #Rio2016 Wave Could Land Your Business in Legal Trouble

The U.S. and International Olympic Committees are cracking down on the unauthorized use of their intellectual property.
Entrepreneur Mindset

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Rio's Preparation for the Olympics

Entrepreneurs should use a critical eye and build off the best practices of Olympics organizers to enhance their business.
Global Business

4 Tips to Engage Multilingual Audiences on the Road to the Olympics

Marketers need to speak a lot of people's languages when the whole world is watching the Olympics.
Start Up Your Day

Comcast Will Let Netflix Onto Its Set-Top Box -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: Small businesses will have the chance to show ads during the Rio Olympics.
Start Up Your Day

NBC Will Broadcast 85 Hours of the Rio Olympics in VR -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: Facebook has made it easier for users to fundraise for their favorite charities.

Olympic Athletes Turn to Crowdfunding for Travel Expenses, Training Gear and a Ticket to Their Dreams in Rio

More than $400,000 has been raised on almost 90 crowdfunding campaigns to help athletes from around the world take the final step to the summer games.
Self-Driving Cars

Japan Driverless Taxi Startup Eyes Partnerships With Automakers

The venture has set the 2020 Games in Tokyo as a target to develop software to operate driverless cars and an online service to ferry athletes and tourists between Olympic venues and the city's transport hubs.