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This story appears in the August 2002 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

I am a very busy person. A typical workday for me (that's inthe office) lasts about 11 hours. Add about another hour at homeand at least a couple more on the weekend, and you can see my daysare nearly as busy as yours. So I try to maximize my time,constantly striving to figure out ways to do things faster and moreefficiently. I've always assumed you all did the same. But Iwas wrong. Too many of you are wasting time. At the risk ofsounding like a scolding mother (or a nagging spouse), I want youto stop dawdling and start working more effectively. Now!

How? First, why are you still using dial-up? Every surveyI've ever seen shows that most Americans (whether at home or atthe office) use dial-up connections to connect to the .While I can understand why a casual home user might stick withdial-up (though in all honesty, I have a cable modem at home), Icannot fathom why a owner would. Here at Entrepreneur, weuse the ultra-high-speed T1 lines. (And remember, we're a smallbusiness just like you.) While you may not require that much speed,most businesses could benefit from some sort of broadband access. Idon't care if you choose DSL, cable or satellite-it's timefor business owners to (as chef Emeril would say) "kick it upa notch" and upgrade to broadband.

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