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The Un-Dating Game

Making money from women who like to make fun of men

By Nichole L. Torres

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Cure for Cancer, World Peace and Other Great Ideas sitson the shelf of 31-year-old comedians John Heffron and Joel Zimmer.Of course you've never heard of it--it's the privatenotebook where Heffron and Zimmer write down their brilliant ideas.It's where, in 1997, they came up with the That Guy! Game.

Made for women to play at girls-night-out type functions, theThat Guy! Game is a scavenger hunt. Players look for the guys ontheir cards, like "Unibrow Guy" or "Tight PantsGuy"--you know . . . the guys you generally avoid. The gamehas taken off, and the pair expects 2001 sales of $250,000 to$500,000. It's even catching the attention of TV producers, anda game show for Paramount is in the works. Zimmer and Heffron'scompany, Eleven Eleven Productions, also has plans for a wirelessPDA version of the game, along with greeting cards and a versionfor teenage girls.

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