Walmart Gets Into the Meal Kit Business Plus, Amazon might start its own checking account, and a new beauty tech startup lets you book unlimited blowouts.

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If you think Amazon is taking over the world, you might be right. Within the past week, Amazon has announced a major acquisition with Ring, investments in gaming technology and a push into checking accounts for millennials. Amazon, now worth more than both JPMorgan and Bank of America combined, is in talks with major players to collaborate and make shopping on Amazon even easier.

Walmart is pushing out meal kits to 250 stores. The simple, one-step meal kits will serve two people with prices ranging from $8 to $15 per meal. The best part of the meal kit is it requires no monthly subscription. Walmart expects to have the meal kits in 2,000 stores this year.

There is a new beauty startup called PRÊTE that is a membership-based app providing access to unlimited blowouts in your city. You download the app from the app store and have access to the best salons. Think of it like HotelTonight or ClassPass for blowouts. PRÊTE also just launched in New York City this week.

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