5 Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, but these lessons helped us grow.

By Aidan Sowa

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Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Many entrepreneurs have found themselves and their path along this journey.

Unfortunately, the pandemic was a massive roadblock that derailed many entrepreneurs from their paths. In this difficult situation, unprepared businesses failed while the prepared ones prevailed. Some leaders were able to turn this difficult circumstance into an opportunity and took their business to the next level.

Here are lessons that we can take from the pandemic that can make you and your business better.

1. You don't need to do everything from an office.

Many large and small businesses quickly discovered that they needed an alternative way to communicate with customers which did not require in-person interaction. For many, the answer was utilizing virtual software, such as Zoom or Google Meet.

2. Agility is the key

According to EstablishCred founder Sim Aulakh, you can never control the circumstances around you, but you can be prepared for whatever life may throw at you. Every successful entrepreneur can be responsive and quickly adjust to the circumstance while staying true to their roots. The market never remains the same regardless of the industry you are in, and you have to constantly move and remain agile to the change.

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3. Your social media matters

Before the pandemic, a lot of entrepreneurs were doubtful of the value of their online presence. However, when the pandemic happened, online branding suddenly became the highest priority for an entrepreneur. If customers couldn't find them online, then they would not be found in general. As a result, many entrepreneurs started to build their brand out their brand on social media platforms like Instagram. Moving forward, social media will be a crucial tool for growing businesses.

4. Your reputation on Google is crucial

Before the pandemic, many entrepreneurs were not aware of the effect of bad Google reviews, or why Google search results were important. During the pandemic, it became apparent that if you had bad Google reviews, customers would be less likely to do business with you.

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5. Podcasting is a great way to connect with customers

During the pandemic, podcasting has thrived and many businesses have been highly successful using it. It has been an effective tool for connecting customers who want to know more about the business. Nowadays, there are podcasts related to restaurants, gyms and nearly every industry out there.

The pandemic taught us that we need to keep up with trends and adapt to the times. Following marketing trends will allow your business to thrive during these tough periods.

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Aidan Sowa

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor

Aidan Sowa is an entrepreneur who got into the digital marketing space in 2016 due to working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge. He is now the CEO and founder of Sowa Marketing Agency.

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