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Baby Boom Benefits

Want to cash in on the biggest boom yet? Let these ideas get you started.

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Despite overpopulation concerns, the United States will soonexperience a rise in births that's expected to rival thewell-noted booms of the 20th century. Starting in 2001, it'llbe baby this, baby that, meaning baby anything and everything willbe in demand. Now all you have to do is find your niche in thisexpanding market. Here are five ideas to inspire you:

  • Baby Products. There's virtually no end to the list.There's room for fashion-conscious parents and toy inventorsalike.
  • Mementos. Have a knack for crafts? You might be a hit with newparents looking for something special made just for their littleone.
  • Interior Design. The baby's room is of utmost importance toexpectant parents. Should it be themed Winnie the Pooh orTeletubbies? You can help them with these weighty questions. Ifwoodworking is your specialty, don't discountrefurbishing.
  • Baby Photography And Video. Can you make a six-month old smile?If you can, and have a good eye, you're a shoo-in as a babyphotographer. With your video production skills, you can offerparents an alternative to the traditional baby book.
  • Baby Services. If you're a people person, offeringbaby-related services may be just your thing. A good planner canarrange and host events like birthday parties, baby showers andplay groups. If you're a Web wonder, offering onlineinformation on anything baby-related could be profitable,especially if you find advertisers to support your project.

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