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Why Cybersecurity Training and Upskilling Employees Is a Must For Organizations In Today's Changing Business Dynamics

More and more businesses are seeking to revamp their modes of working and enable a tech-enabled digital realignment of core company operations

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The Criticality To Ensure Employee Financial Wellness Beyond Salary

A majority of the working population believe in either living paycheck to paycheck or tapping into their retirement savings much before retirement.


AI is Introducing the Age of Hiring Dyslexic Employees

Integration of these things in your office management systems can be a prominent benefit for dyslexic employees

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As an Employer What Steps Can You Take to Keep Workplace Bias at Bay

As an employer, it is your duty to ensure the safety and welfare of your employees which includes making sure that everyone is treated fairly


Why You Shouldn't Be Thinking About Induction on Day One

Often companies want to run inductions that are intense and short to get their new hires ramped up and productive. The issue is this approach leads to 'death by PowerPoint'

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Employee Happiness Should be Top Priority of Organizations

Worker engagement is definitely one of the topics du jour for modern management and the future of work

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Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in Every Job Interview

Raising the right queries gives you precise information about the organization and the role


Singapore's AI-driven Marketplace Snaphunt Snaps $1 Million Funding

The company uses AI algorithms to match talent to roles for skill and culture fit

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Five Top Tips For Creating a Successful Resume

So if you are looking for a new role, stick to these five resume fundamentals to give you the best chance of getting over the first recruitment hurdle

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Indian Talent Market is Struggling with Attracting Top Talent (Infographic)

62 per cent of companies will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate repetitive tasks while recruiting

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Indian Employers Are Embracing the Concept of Internship (Infographic)

Students are looking to broaden their professional horizon through internships


This Australian HR Startup Raises $22.5 million After 17 years of Bootstrapping

Humanforce wants to expand its operation in Asia, Europe and North America

Business News

What You Need to Know About the Future of the Job Search

People can expect trends like artificial intelligence, online personas and mobile applications to continue to transform our world.


Work-Life Balance

Whether you're motivated by spreading new ideas or retiring early, just remember that your company is nothing but people


Creating the Perfect Work Environment: Employee Mental Well-Being

Tricks to listen and support in a sensitive manner and putting in place programmes that can take away their stress is the need of the hour