Friends and Family

Starting a Business

What You Need to Know About Funding Your Business Through Friends and Family

Read this before you approach friends and family to finance your new business.

Make Your Life Better By Saying 'No' More Often in These 3 Areas

You know the cliches: Life is short, time is precious and there are only so many hours in a day.

How to Handle Your Family Bankrolling Your Business

Friends and family of new entrepreneurs are the greatest single source of outside funding but just because it's common, doesn't mean you shouldn't use caution.

The Important Lesson for Entrepreneurs From a Quarterback's Fight for His Life

Jim Kelly battled two bouts of cancer, but with his teammates by his side, he was able to stand tall.

8 Best Practices to Seek Funding From Friends, Family and Fools

If the people closest to you won't support you, why should investors?

5 Kinds of People Who Will Help You Succeed as an Entrepreneur

You'll be making your own decisions and carving your own path, but you'll have to your network to help get you there.
Friends and Family

Keep Your Friends While Starting Up With These 4 Tips

You may be thrilled about your new venture, while those closest to you wish you would just stop talking about it.
The Grind

How to Hire Friends Without Destroying Relationships

By taking some precautions you can maximize the benefit of knowing skilled folk and avoid damaging relationships.
College Graduates

College Seniors, Comb Through Your Contacts Now to Jump Start Your Job Search

Somewhere among your family, friends, Facebook friends and friends of friends you'll find the people who will help you launch your career.

25 Tips for Having Meaningful Relationships

The secret to having warm, loving, trustworthy people in our lives is to first become that sort of person.

The Nitty-Gritty Truth About Loans From Family and Friends

The risks enter into emotional as well as financial turf. Here's how to protect these relationships.

This Startup Will Give You a Loan -- But There's a Twist

Able, the brainchild of two Harvard MBAs, requires borrowers to raise the first quarter of their loan amount from friends and family.
Ask the Expert

Is It Smart for Entrepreneurs to Hire Friends?

Hiring people you know and trust can be very beneficial to an entrepreneur and her venture. But if not done correctly, it can spell disaster.

Meet the CEO Who Took His Teen Son to a $55 Million Funding Meeting

The CEO of a marketing and sales software company used a business trip as an opportunity to bond with his 18 year old.