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Science & Technology

What Millennials and Gen Z Users Expect from Their Online Experiences — and How to Give It to Them

With the change in preferences, come new generations of users who are more vocal about the changes and standards they wish to have within a design.

Science & Technology

David Zhao of Chubby Cattle on Sacrificing Everything To Succeed

Interview with David Zhao about getting on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List 2022, what goes into creating a successful business, and why everyone should create social media content.

Social Media

A First-Time Writer Was Disappointed That No One Came to Her Book Signing. Then Stephen King Tweeted About It.

After Chelsea Banning tweeted that she was "a little embarrassed" that only two people came to her book party, some of the biggest writers in the world came to her rescue.


This New Tempting Marketing Tool is Not a Fad — It's the Future. Jump on the Bandwagon to Reach New Audiences

Despite packing extraordinary marketing potential, TikTok is still (relatively) sparsely populated by brands. Therefore, any brand that manages to break sound TikTok marketing strategy will likely enjoy the reach, awareness, and sales benefits that the platform promises.

Social Media

Defining the Future Of OTT: The Origins Of OTTPlay

OTTplay is a films and TV shows recommendation engine, started in 2020, which has evolved into a one-stop destination to stream content, read news, reviews and features, listen to podcasts, play quizzes and more.

Growing a Business

How To Create Viral Short-Form Video Content in Less Than 30 Minutes Per Week

No time for video content? Here are three strategies to create 10+ pieces of short video content.


How to Make Social Media Marketing Effective for Your Brand

In the current challenging economic climate, it is more important than ever to devise effective marketing strategies. Taking a strategic approach to social media marketing will be effective and deliver unparalleled results.


5 Simple Ways to Let Go of FOMO

Read this article to learn how to combat FOMO!


How to Use Social Media for Market Research

Market research can be conducted via social media channels to gain insights into industry trends and competitor activity.

Business News

'I Literally Had to Beg': Influencers Say NYC Landlords Aren't Renting Them Apartments

In a tight real estate market, even social media stars who earn six figures are finding it hard to land an apartment in the Big Apple.

Money & Finance

The Most Effective Way to Become a Millionaire Is Still Through Education. Here's Why.

The statistics tell the story that education is the most reliable way to financial success, regardless of what the influencer on social media tells you.


The 7 Secrets of Truly Successful Personal Brands

Creating a solid brand is essential to your success in whatever field you enter. These seven tips will help you build the perfect personal brand.

Business News

Hive Social Temporarily Shuts Down Due to Security Concerns

The social media site is turning off servers to address privacy concerns regarding user data.

Business News

Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Will Roll Out a New Feature Many Users Want

The surprise announcement was a reply to a Twitter user who complained that nobody read his tweets.

News and Trends

WhatsApp Communities a Powerful Tool to Drive Social Impact at Scale: Nick Clegg

WhatsApp has been working closely with ten organizations in India as part of WhatsApp's Community Builders Program, offered to only 50 communities globally