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4 Ways to Scale and Capture Your 'Unicorn' Horn

Survivability is thrivability. Here are the moves that will get you there.

Sharon Wienbar

· 8 min read

Are the 'Wall Street Journal's' Claims Against Theranos Accurate?

Fortune's Roger Parloff spoke with the general counsel at Theranos to investigate claims made in a recent 'Wall Street Journal' article. Here's what he discovered.

Roger Parloff

· 10 min read

JustFab: Silicon Valley Sees a Unicorn, Customers See a Trojan Horse

The company's founders have a history of being associated with dubious practices.

Carly Okyle

· 4 min read

How BlaBlaCar Is Different From Uber

The French ridesharing company is reportedly valued at more than $1 billion. Here's what you need to know about it.

Catherine Clifford

· 3 min read

Tech 'Winter' May Be Coming. Here Is What It Means for Your Startup.

If so-called unicorns are overvalued, it may send reverberations throughout the investment community. Do these five things to be more prepared.

Alex Iskold

· 5 min read

Myths That Can Hold New Entrepreneurs Back

Here are six ways you're making things harder for yourself.

Nina Zipkin

· 3 min read

10 Companies That Are Probably Going Public in the Next Year

IT and health care tend to be the most popular business sectors, accounting for 28 percent and 39 percent of all VC-backed IPOs over the past 10 years, respectively.

Geoff Weiss

· 6 min read

The 5 Steps From Startup to Unicorn

Those ultra-rare companies that grow from idea to $1 billion enterprise all go through a similar merciless process.

Peter S. Cohan

· 5 min read

Oscar, the Health Insurance Startup, Now Valued at $1.5 Billion

The company has also seen triple the number of people enrolled in the last 12 months.

Erin Griffith

· 2 min read

Want to Join the 'Unicorn Club'? Here's What 3 Companies Did to Get There.

Leaders from three software companies valued at more than $1 billion sound off on how to join their ranks.

Zach Cutler

· 5 min read

Do Pivots Matter? Yes, in Almost Every Case.

A recent analysis of 39 billion-dollar companies says most stuck to their original vision. Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank argues that isn't true.

Steve Blank

· 4 min read