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This Actress is Adding Glamour to Yoga Through Her Business

A famous actress and model from South India, Sanjjanaa Galrani is currently doing five films in three languages.

How to Build a Business in 60 Minutes

The goal is creating a new purposeful commercial activity in just 60 minutes.

Ashrujit Basu

3 Ways the Utility Industry is Mimicking Startup Mentality

As a reaction stricter regulations, the utility industry is taking lessons from entrepreneurs on how to become more agile.

Sheila Eugenio

Searching for a Franchise? Buy into Something You Don't Love.

Loving the product or service offered shouldn't be the reason you buy a franchise.

Rick Bisio

The Startup Studio Effect: How Hollywood's Movie Model Applies to the Startup World

It's not that startup studios are better than accelerators; it's simply that accelerators leave a lot of opportunities on the table.

Zach Ferres

Watch Out These Urban Mobility Trends for 2017

The trends that are touted to transform the Indian mobility scenario in 2017.

Sakshi Vij

Be Prepared for the Startup J-Curve

Don't abandon your plan the first time things don't go as expected.

Lewis Schiff

How to Prepare for Uber as Your Potential Competitor

Niche marketplaces are already following Uber's model. But that doesn't mean these companies shouldn't worry once Uber brings its vast resources and funding to their category.

Tx Zhuo

The Innovation In The Eye Industry: A Market Overview

The eye industry has advanced in both diagnostic and treatment terms.

David Wither

Don't Uberize, Strategize! 3 Steps to a Better Business Model.

Want to shake up your industry? Avoid the pitfalls of the the 1-size-fits-all 'Uber for X' approach.

Zach Ferres

3 Revelations That Brought Startup Success To This Founder

He understood the value of launching and shipping a product, but how could failure be a desired outcome?

Bhavik Sarkhedi