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How This Entrepreneur Is Simplifying Complex Legal Procedures in India Using Technology

"We started off by targeting the main pain areas of a small business owner"

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Seattle Judge Hears Challenge to Uber, Lyft Union Law

Seattle last year became the first U.S. city to pass a law giving drivers for ride-hailing apps, as well as taxi and for-hire drivers, the right to collectively negotiate on pay and working conditions.

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Theranos CEO Holmes Barred From Operating Lab for 2 Years

"While we are disappointed by CMS' decision, we take these matters very seriously and are committed to fully resolving all outstanding issues," Holmes said in a statement.

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This Robot Lawyer Could Help You Get Out of a Parking Ticket

DoNotPay, developed by a London-born teenager, has a success rate of 64 percent.

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Here's What Uber India Thinks of The Regulations Imposed on the Ride Sharing Industry

"We would like to say that we are in favor of regulations"

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Uber to Pay $7.5 Million to Settle Driver Lawsuit Over Background Checks

The case in San Francisco federal court involved allegations that Uber terminated drivers from its platform after obtaining their consumer background reports without authorization.

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5 Tips To Protect Your Company From Legal Liabilities

Being a responsible business owner reflects on both you as a person and the business.

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Brazil Lawmakers Propose Bill to Shield WhatsApp

The legislation will now have to pass through several other congressional committees before being put to vote in the floor of the lower and upper house.


US Supreme Court Has Given Legal Authority To Hack Any Computer - Worldwide

Not just limited to American computers, the new move spells disaster for digital rights worldwide

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Invest in a Lawyer Now to Save Money Later

Technology based solutions guide start-ups in understanding and following legal procedures and frameworks

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Decoding The Panama Papers: A Revelation That Shook India

The Panama Papers have hit the nation at a time where the government too is probing into money laundering activities.


5 Common Legal Mistakes That Can Trip-Up Your Startup

Spare yourself unnecessary grief and avoid these legal mistakes.

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Big Business Leaders Urge Repeal of Mississippi Law Opposed by LGBT Community

'The business community, by and large, has consistently communicated to lawmakers at every level that such laws are bad for our employees and bad for business.'

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Deeply Divided White House Will Not Support Encryption Legislation

The political debate over the limits of encryption rages on.

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Pfizer, Allergan Scrap $160 Billion Deal After U.S. Tax Rule Change

The merger would have allowed New York-based Pfizer to cut its tax bill by an estimated $1 billion annually by domiciling in Ireland, where tax rates are lower.